Friday, May 2, 2014

The Battle for the SPRINKLES!!!!

I don't think there are any readers out there who are unaware of my paper crafting addiction hobby! And it probably comes as no surprise that I have many company's email newsletters and events coming to me on a very regular basis. It probably would surprise you that most of those get a quick browse before being deleted. After all this time...over 5 years!...I have seen a lot and I have purchased a lot. So it needs to be pretty special to "wow" me. But oh!, how I truly love to be wow'd!!!! So, when I opened up my email on Thursday afternoon and saw the above photograph, I got super excited, super fast!!!! Sparkly, rainbow stuff? In pretty, matching test tubes? In a pink box??? Oh.My.Be.Still.My.Heart!!!!! I couldn't click on the link fast enough!

Which is where I found this video:

 Yes! Yes! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a quick look at some of the contents of this amazing kit:
·    Shakers + Sprinkles stamp set
·    Shakers + Sprinkles: Rectangle die collection
·    Shakers + Sprinkles: Oval die collection
·    Shakers + Sprinkles: Heart die collection
·    Shakers + Sprinkles paper pad
·    3- Double sided 8-1/2" x 11" foam adhesive sheets
·    2- 8-1/2" x 11" Clear Cardstock sheets
·    4- Glassine envelopes
·    Test tube & cork w/Fake Sprinkles shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Fake Sugar shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Chunky Gold Glass Glitter shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Silver Star Sequins shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Pink Sequin Mix shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Turquoise Sequin Mix shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Orange Sequin Mix shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Yellow Flower Sequin Mix shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Chartreuse Sequin Mix shaker filler
·    Test tube & cork w/Heart Confetti Mix shaker filler
·    Test tube storage box

All this stuff! This wonderful, amazing, awesome crafting stuff!!!! It was calling to me! I must have it! I must have it NOW!!! Small problem. It wasn't going to be available until 10pm. Eastern Time. As in half-a-world-away time. As in 4am my time, time. They also made it very, very clear that supplies were limited.

*le sigh* I had no choice, but to set my alarm for 3:50am and suck it up. That's the middle of the night, people! And I'm already not sleeping for beans these days!!!! But it was for SPRINKLES!!!!! Shaker cards with SPRINKLES!!!! SPRINKLES, SPRINKLES, SPRINKLESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! If you don't understand then you're not "one of us", so please don't judge! This is big. Just take my word for it!

Long story short, I didn't sleep much and wound up not needing my alarm clock. So tired of being tired! I was really excited about SPRINKLES though, so that helped! I got up around 3:30am. I made sure the site was open on one of my tabs, triple checked that I was logged on and that all my address info was up to date. All good. Now to just wait until the site updated with MY SPRINKLES!

Just before 4am, the site had a message saying it was uploading new products and would be back up at 10pm EST. Cool beans, all good. Then it was time! Not ready yet. Shoot!! I wanted to just get it ordered and go back to bed. Waited (impatiently) longer, and longer and longggggger! Around 4:30am, I went on Facebook to see if they were having issues of some kind.

While there was no word from the company, dozens and dozens of people were posting comments of varying degrees of frustration. The longer it went on, the worse the comments got! I kept refreshing the screen, closed and reopened tabs, even restarted my computer. No go. THEN, it looked like it was back up! But although I could see my precious wouldn't allow me to add it to my cart. THEN, I could get it in the cart, but it wouldn't let me pay for it. THEN, I could pay for it but it froze up before the payment went through. No SPRINKLES for me??? *super sad face*

Thomas got up and got ready for PT and asked if I was "still" trying to order "that thing". My look was all that was necessary! I asked him to come over to my desk, hold my hand, and pray with me!!! I was once again at the point of trying to pay for my SPRINKLES....and I didn't think I was going to be able to handle the darn thing getting frozen and booting me off, AGAIN!!!

And guess what?!? It finally worked!! It took me two and a half hours, but THE SPRINKLES WERE MINE!!!!! ALLLLLLL MINE!!!!!! Apparently there were major server issues, and the site was "fixed" for a while earlier and now it's completely down again. I feel really bad for those people who weren't able to get their sprinkle fix taken care of!

I hope you guys like sprinkle shaker cards because I think I'm going to be fixated on them for awhile, lol! You know, when they finally arrive in the mail....


Christina Wernstrum said...

I love anything you make me super sparkley!

Intense Guy said...

Jeepers... it was tough getting that "happy dust"!

They look really cool - I hope your works of art come out well.