Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Sunday Blessings

The house is quiet right now. I love that!!! Just quiet. Thomas and Bella are off on their weekly Daddy-Daughter day, and I am home alone. With the quiet! Now that Bella is home with me for school, I don't have anymore quiet days like I used to. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it has been very different.

I didn't have a "great" night's sleep last night, but it was better than it has been in a while. The PX is now carrying fewer pillows these days, and they are all so flat as to be a joke!! I need a firm, yet not too firm, pillow to sleep on. And even if I have the perfect pillow, the longest it lasts is about a month before I "murder" it and it's no longer perfect anymore. Do not ask me how I do this, but I do! So we regularly buy pillows and I've been often spotted hugging pillows in the bedding section of the PX, trying to find something that will work for me. It's really a pain in the....neck. Literally.

So because I had a bit more energy, and a lot of work to do, I got busy right away this morning. I stripped and remade Bella's bed while she was watching Littlest Pet Shop on TV. It's on every Sunday morning at 8am and she is glued to it while it's on. I like to do her bed then because otherwise she hovers in the doorway, convinced I'm going to throw away one of her beloved treasures while I'm in there. And by treasures I mean crap/paper bits/junk. This way I can get it done without a nervous audience.

I also stripped my bed too but didn't remake it. I think we have half a dozen sheet sets, but only one is my most favorite, so I usually wait until it's washed to remake the bed. And boy, do I ever have a mountain of laundry to do too!!!! Towels, sheets, uniforms, clothes. Ugh! And when you have so much to do, it takes forever to wash, then dry, and then fold/hang up/put away. Poo on laundry!!!!

I found some new recipes I wanted to try online, and today we're having one of them. It's Tomato-Basil Lasagna Rolls! You can find the recipe HERE. Right after breakfast I made the pasta dough, and put it in the fridge. An hour later, after some laundry and making dessert, I sliced the dough and ran it through my much-neglected pasta machine to roll out pappadelle strips. It's now drying on the rack - so scrumptious looking!!
We'll be having the pasta rolls with fresh green beans I picked up at the commissary yesterday, and fresh French bread discs (slice refrigerated loaf dough, brush slices with olive oil and sprinkle garlic salt on top; bake on pizza stone). I'm so hungry for dinner already!!!

Lemonade Icebox Pie is for dessert! It's so light and creamy, with a subtle but perfect kiss of lemon flavor! It's chilling in the fridge now. I've made this before and everyone loved it!!! You can get the recipe for this HERE. Gotta love Pinterest for finding new recipes!!!

Emmett and his Mommy had some photographs taken. I would really like to get some prints but the 4x6 prints are $14 EACH!! I'm sorry, but that is crazy expensive!!! I think I might just have to settle with having them on my blog.

Last week the new Stampin Up! catalog was made available online for Demos. We finally got to see the new In Colors for 2014-2016. I really like the new purple, but the other colors are sooooo close to colors we already have it's ridiculous! So disappointing. The catalog has some new tools and embellishments that look fun, but not too many stamps that interest me. More money for other things??? We'll see how I like it when the hard copy of the catalog arrives.
New In Colors

So now I will grab a quick lunch, swap out some laundry, and perhaps visit my Stamping Studio. I'd really like to PLAY for a change. All work and no stamping makes for a crabby Queen, lol! I hope you all have a restful, relaxing Sunday and a fabulous week ahead!!! Ciao!


Stephanie Faris said...

I just realized I've never even had lemon icebox pie. I'm not sure what the icebox means--just that it's cold! Lemonade icebox pie looks yummy.

Gail said...

Mmmm, supper at your house sounds amazing!
Thanks for popping by, I always like to see what you're up to!
Wonderful grandbaby pictures!

Mary said...

What a sweet, adorable baby! I finally got through all of our laundry this weekend. Not my favorite thing to do! :)

Diane said...

What cute pictures Jeannie.

Hugs diane

Neesie said...

I've put pounds on by just looking at this post Jeannie ;D
That lemon icebox pie looks amazing and one I'm sure my hubby would love.
Your photo's are gorgeous...treasured memories for sure.
Have a great week.

Christina Wernstrum said...

LOL I love the purple no matter what! I am glad you got some peace and trust me I feel you on the pain in the neck. As I age if my pillows aren't perfect I have neck issues.

Christina Wernstrum said...

PS those pictures are AWESOME!

Rita said...

That pie looks so yummy!!! I'm wondering how the lasagna roll ups turned out. I bet those were a hit!

I hope you get some decent sleep. Its great that they have daddy/daughter day so you can have some alone time. You were sure busy! :)

Intense Guy said...

Do you have digital copies of those photos? CVS here makes prints for like 7 cents each.... I could get 'em done.