Thursday, April 24, 2014

My first pivot card!

I got some new toys in the mail!! Yay! So exciting around here, lol! So now I had the needed stuff to finish up a couple of cards I started a while ago. And I made my very first pivot card for my Sweet Baboo!!!! (aka Thomas!)

Front of card

As you open the card, the front panel pivots!

Inside of card

Not too glittery for my macho Army man though! He loves it!!!

My excuse for not folding the laundry today, lol!


Intense Guy said...

How cool is that!!!! :)

Gail said...

That is really nice!
I haven't tried one yet!

Rita said...

I've never made one of those cards. This turned out really great! Love the cartoon!! :):)

AliceKay said...

Beautiful card!