Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

I'm not linking up this week, because I've done such a rotten job returning bloggy visits the past two weeks, and I'm pretty sure I'd do the same this week! I'm back to my non-sleeping ways + bonus sinus headaches. *sad face* But I'm trying to keep everything juggled as best I can!!!

I have soooo much to do for the craft fair, and not surprisingly, I'm behind. I have 2 full tables to fill up and very little accomplished so far. One thing that was getting in my way, was my room. I simply cannot create in chaos!!! Things were getting a bit sloppy in the Stamping Studio, so it was time to call a "time out" and clean it up a bit.
These shelves probably don't look that bad to you, but I can't stand clutter!! It's just too easy to pop extra things on here, and then the stuff seems to grow overnight. It just irked me, lol! So now that's all straightened out, put away and generally not hanging off the shelf anymore!

This pile on the floor!!! I'm going to be using 95% of the stuff in these bags, but I can't do ALL the projects, ALL at once. So yeah, they got stuffed back into the closet again. I took it all out to see what I had and to get ideas, and then they just sat there. Mocking me.

In the middle of a project, and then add incoming goodies! Love new stuff, hate putting away new stuff.

My desk on Monday, finishing up three more of the brown Easter baskets. Those "simple" projects have so much fiddly bits to them and really aren't all that "simple"!!! You also see the screwdriver left on my desk from building my new organizer unit (coming up).

Again, doesn't look that bad, but it still drove me crazy. All kinds of dies left out because the drawers are full, hot glue gun still out from making the lollipop roses, and general disorganization!

While I was in my room picking up, Bella decided she wanted to stamp too. But I didn't want to be fussing at her for being underfoot, so I set her up in her own bedroom. She happily stamped the whole afternoon away!
She's so careful & precise!

Here's a photo with some of the roses. I'm ordering a florist's block from Amazon to display them at the craft fair. I will most likely make up a bunch more, but I want to have a nice selection of items first, before I go back and make more of things. Not to mention I get bored easily, lol!

I made these a while ago but never photographed them. They sold so well at the Christmas fair, that I decided to make up some more. Everyone needs kleenex, right??

All four of the brown baskets

Close up view

On Tuesday I was happy with my room to begin crafting again. Bella naturally wanted in on the action! So I set her up in my room this time, on a tray and out of my "traffic flow". I love having my little Stamping Buddy with me!!!

Much, much better!!!

I had already purchased 4 of these canvas mini totes at the PX to store my flat dies, and when I went back to buy a third package, I saw that they had the matching organizer!!!! Perfect! So slowly, I will be taking all my SU thinlit dies, Spellbinders, etc and putting them on magnetic sheets (purchased HERE) and storing them in the totes. I put this together on Monday and I love it!!!

Two of Bella's cards!!

I made up four white baskets yesterday too. Same layout, just swapping white bunnies for brown, and brown baskets for white. So that's eight so far and time to more on to something candy wrapper boxes!! Stay tuned for more crafty goodness!!!


Cary said...

I love all your projects.. I cannot wait to get into EASTER!!

Linda said...

It always feels so much better when everything is neat and tidy and everything has it's own home. Good luck with your preparations for the craft fayre.

Nikki C said...

I agree I can't create in a chaos or I just get distracted by it all :) Fabby Projects you've created hugs Nikki #7

Rita said...

I understand about the shelves looking okay to others but bugging you. My entire craft and art ares are like that right now. Eventually they will drive me crazy and I will have to continue on with my reorganization over here. But until then--I am playing for a while longer. ;)

You and Bella have been very busy! It's so nice that Bella likes to do crafting, too!! :)

Deanna said...

I like my space organized too. Hate it when I reach for something and it isn't where it is supposed to be! When I'm in my stampin studio I think I have so much and then I see yours again and I am like WOW. Bella really made some cute cards. Like mother like daughter. Love the stuff you are making for the craft fair. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Gail said...

Great projects! You've been busy!

Christina Wernstrum said...

ON A ROLL! You are doing awesome and wow you may come organize my room anyday! you have a knack for keeping things in order.

Mary said...

You are amazing! Bella did a wonderful job on her cards!