Monday, February 24, 2014

Fun times in Bella's world!

Having fun with MATH! :D 
I purchased Reflex Math ( for Bella, and she's loving practicing her math facts now. This was the very first day and she was painfully slow. Now she's soooo much faster, after only five days! She had 3% fluency on the first day, and now is up to 16%!!! IN ONLY FIVE DAYS!!!! This is now a daily part of our homeschool day. It's less stress for us both compared to flash cards, and has turned out to be a lot more successful. All Bella knows is that it's FUN!! :D There is a "Math Fair" where she learns new facts and then gets to play games. Two were opened when she started and she's since opened up a third. There are many new games which will open when she has put in more time and learned more facts. Alien Sundae is her new favorite, although I love watching her play the ninja one. If your child is struggling, I can't recommend this program highly enough!!!!

Bella's first cake!
She likes a lot of sprinkles, lol!



April said...

So happy to hear that Bella is plugging along so well! Good for you both! Her cake looks DE-LISH...and I like lots of sprinkles, too! :)

Deanna said...

I was getting nervous watching her! Such happiness after so much stress. Awesome!

ChicagoLady said...

"I don't like that you're recording!" LOL

The cake looks yummy!

Keep up the good work, Bella!

AliceKay said...

Why do I see a video of the Chinese toddler who was struck by two trucks on your page? The comments before me suggest there was a video of Bella somewhere but I don't see it. I'm confused. :(

AliceKay said...

That was very weird. After I hit the refresh on your page, Bella's video came up. (the video of the Chinese toddler was there the first time...honest)

Intense Guy said...

She gets an A+ in the Cake Creation class.