Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas, Crafting and Catch-Up!

Yes, I realize that it's well beyond Christmas! Good grief, January is already about half over with!!! Yikes! This year I don't even have the excuse of jet lag - oh well. I'm trying to get back into the routine of things after the Christmas break, which included getting a handle on my hot mess of a house. Today I've pretty much done the last of it (many things LONG overdue!), and can get back into doing a little each day to maintain it. I truly hate a dirty, cluttered house!!!! I'm so tired from not sleeping well (still!) and doing all this hard, manual labor. Hopefully I can get back to blogging, crafting, AND still have a presentable home!!! I've never been so discombobulated before....now keeping everything on an even keel is so much harder!

So...catch-up time....
Alex asked me to find Nathan a nice stein for him for Christmas.
Look at the one I found!!!
It's so cool and reminded me of Game of Thrones, which I know he loves.

Crests of all the feudal city states.

The last of my Christmas cards to go out this year...

Without and with flash - neither shows it well, lol!

And of course...the epic Hoff card!!
Next year (OK, I guess this year), I'm going to stay on top of it!!! And yes, I say that every year and have yet to do it. I hadn't planned on getting sick for a full week, and that meant I only got out about half of my Christmas cards this year. *sad face* So if you didn't get one - I'm so sorry!!

On December 22nd, we headed on post to pick up some things and the AFN Bavaria team was set up right outside the PX! They asked Bella if she'd like to be on the radio...well DUH! Of course she would! She correctly answered their quiz question (What made Frosty come to life?) and won $10 in AAFES gift cards. Way to go, Bella!! And then she promptly spent them, lol!

And now we're on to Christmas....

I didn't photograph her opening all her presents, but she had a grand ole time!

And now Thomas' turn...
Garbage Pail Kids cards!

New GI Joe!

WWII field phone book!

A new t-shirt - 506th PIR (Band of Brothers)

A bunch of WWII Signal pins

So many toys - which to play with first??

His big present...
NOT a Vikings hat...LOL, used it for stuffing in the box!
WWII field telephone!

He loved it!

Oh joy! Let's unwrap all the presents!!!

Oh yeah, he's lovin' it!

New pony and stable!

And this is where she sat. All.Day.Long.

Ginger says Merry Christmas!!
Thomas isn't really going to eat her. I think.

Moving on to New Year's Day...
And I finally made it to the Stamping Studio!
(Only it was a BIG mess!!!)
It took all day to pick up and organize, but it looked great when I was finished!

I was asked to make a special card, for a very special lady...
This is what I made for her!

With lots of extra room for signatures and a box to put it in.

This is a card I started before I got sick. I finished it up and it will go in next year's batch!

I made two of these to go with some crafting goodies I sent out. Some old toys and some new toys, put to good use together!! Love this card!

Remember the butterfly card from up above? I was attending the farewell party, so I made this as a gift! I've been wanting to try out this project for a long time, and I finally did it! It took a lot longer than you would think it would - my Big Shot really got a workout, lol!

Now I kinda want one for myself!


Gail said...

Happy New Year!
Cards & projects are great!
Christmas looked like fun!!

ChicagoLady said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looks like everyone enjoyed their presents. But what did the Queen get?

Amy said...

Beautiful family and crafting! Loving all the butterflies!

Intense Guy said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year!!!

Does the WWII field telephone work? That is so cool!!


AliceKay said...

Yeah, what did the Queen get?? My thoughts exactly. lol

I showed Terri the pics of the stein and he said he wants one. LOL He collects steins. We have them all over the place.

Looks like you all had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your whole family.

Mary said...

Looks like Bella had a good time! Thomas, too! :)
Love the butterflies! They look amazing!
And that stein!!! GORGEOUS!

Christina Wernstrum said...

I agree what did the Jeanne get? LOL ohh I was the recipient of one of those gorgeous cards. makes me smile every time I look at it!