Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #224

Good morning, crafters!! I haven't played along in ages, but even though it's yet another dreary day in Germany, I'm going to pretend it's sunny and join in! (so there!) At least my grass is green again; I suppose that's something, right?
My desk this week:
Nothing too terribly exciting I'm afraid! I'm in the middle of a birthday card for one of my daughter's friends. Her party is this Saturday, and we got her some My Little Pony sets. I thought this Stampin Up set would work nicely to tie in with her present! It will be very pink and very sparkly when I'm finished! Which will be today!!!

And because I'm getting so low on crafting supplies....*laugh* are the latest bits added to my craft hoard:
LOVE Perfect Pearls! These are great Christmas colors!

Some fun, larger stamps. I've been looking for a US stamp for ages and found this quite by accident! The other two will be so fun to color with Copics...eventually. Although I may water color them instead.

When I saw this online, I freaked out with excitement. I didn't realize it was so small. As in TINY!

This die is only 4" x 4"...and that's a lot of little pieces. I will make one, ONE!, and whoever receives this on a card will know how much they are truly loved, lol!! Sooo wishing the die were doubled in size!

I had been seeing cards with Frantage embossing powder for years, without knowing what it was. Now I have it myself and LOVE the look you get with the chunkier powders!! I found, also by accident, these encrusted jewel kits!! When the powder melts, it embeds the glitters and mica too, making it literally look like encrusted jewels!!! How awesome is that??? Of course I had to get all three available color options!

Love this new Penny Black stamp!! As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it out with my gilding flakes!!! I think this will be coming up very, very soon!

I found a seller on eBay selling these mini pinecones for cheap, cheap prices!!! They are so adorable and I actually have several projects I want to use them for - not cards! - to decorate with here at the house. Now...if I could only find that super, special place I hid my hot glue gun....

And last, but not least!, the latest issue of Magnolia Ink magazine! Another gorgeous issue!! I think though that this is the first time I haven't seen something inside and thought, "I need that!" I must have missed something, lol!

So that's my desk this week! Thank you for the visit and I hope you'll leave a comment before heading out again! Oh...and if there's some sun where you are, could you share it with me please???? I'll share my chocolate with you!!!!


Lori G. said...

I love your new stuff. I think I may have to get that Penny Black stamp. There's too many fun things to do with it. But I want to hear how your embossing powders (the mica ones) worked.

I just played with some SU powders to try and do what I posted yesterday. Colossal failure. Time to redo it (much later) with the Zing powders. (BTW, I just LOVE your Bugs Bunny gif on the side. Imagine me saying that like Bugs.) Time for me to try and get some more sleep but I'll be back up in about 3 hours. Oh, and it's raining here too.

Sandy said...

Wow I love that Penny Black stamp that is so pretty love the flowing hair.. Gilding flakes would love to see that. A friend cut me out a heap of those pinecones they are so fun to use. Perfect pearls think I might need some of that I have not invested in any of that yet.
Sandy :) #36

Helen said...

I think you need to go back a read you magazine Jeannie - you were obviously distracted or something the first time round!!!! Have fun with your new stash. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 67

Claire said...

love perfect pearls too :) and that penny black stamp is just gorgeous!!!
happy WOYWW and have a fun week :)
no. 39

Candace said...

Some lovely stash there for you to play with. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing your crafting space and have a great week

Candace #60

Carole said...

Wow you have some fun new things to play with. The wooden soldier...tiny is right so many little pieces it's a project in its self. Really cute though.
Be well Thanks for the peek #92 Carole

Deanna said...

Great stuff there. I really like those cottages. Such possibilities! I need to get stamping... owe so many people cards. I have no idea where the time goes. Oh wait, I do know. We've been playing with or new toy. Will post about that SOON. I promise!

ike said...

Lovely new goodies and that little pony card looks like it will be gorgeous - such a cute image :-D I wish I had some rain :-(


IKE in Greece #49 xx

Kathy L said...

Oh, Jeannie, I'd be glad to get rid of some of our, take a big piece! I long for some cool fall days (I live in SoCal).
I wouldn't be able to resist those glittery gems you just received either. Be sure to show us what you do with some of it.

Ria Gall said...

Hi Jeannie
you have so much to show us today it feels like walking around a craft shop. The penny black stamp you bought is also an Indigoblu stamp.
The frontage is the most amazing stuff to use and the colours that you can get it in are lush
Enjoy all your new stuff
Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
Ria #61

Intense Guy said...

Mini pine cones... how cool is that??

I think all I have on my desk is dust, sticky coffee mug rings, old post its with notes I no longer understand and letter I've been meaning to write a reply to for about a month now....

The Taming of the Glue said...

WOW....that's quite a stash of new goodies! I agree, just 1 of the die cut cards would be enough for me as well! Hugs. Pam#48

Rita said...

No sun here, sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

OMG! That's a ton of tiny pieces for the Xmas toy soldier! And the woman's head with the flying hair--gilded--whoohoo! Yes! That will look awesome. Lots of goodies to play with.

I've been trying to get through all the 21 Secrets workshops because the videos are gone end of the year. I'm only on number five--LOL! wish me luck!