Monday, September 23, 2013

This 'n That

I've got some photos and stuff that I've had in my files, and none of it was enough to make up a blog post! So...I'm just going to lump 'em all together and clear them off my hard drive, lol!

When Thomas was home on leave, he helped me make pasta for the first time, and it became this beautiful lasagna!! It was so good, and Thomas was quite proud of himself!

This is what eight dozen cupcakes looks like!!! I baked them, frosted them and then decorated them for an FRG bake sale. They seemed to be popular though!

For years Bella has been dressed in "cute, girly" costumes for Halloween. But for the past couple of years, she's begged to be a werewolf! She HATES scary things, but nothing could dissuade her. So, this year I gave in and let her get this costume!
When the package arrived, the mask was kind of smooshed in, so I filled the nose with bunched up paper towels, and placed it on the angel vacuum cleaner cover I have. (Due to space, it has to be stored on the front hall landing, and this helps my OCD make that OK, lol!) So instead of a sweet, serene angel face, it now has this rather scary mask on it. I waited the next morning to see if The Bella would notice, but she walked right by it, without noticing. After breakfast however, she walked by it again and let out a SCREAM!!! LOL! Soooo funny! She quickly calmed down when I told her it was part of her costume and not real. She said she was going to scare a lot of children on Halloween night....said rather gleefully I might add!

Thomas loves to dress up just as much as any other kid, and this year I let him get whatever he wanted. Naturally he wanted an expensive costume, lol, with some "extras" to make it even better!!! All I can say is that he looks amazing in it and I can't wait to take photos on Halloween night! Kind of makes sense that my soldier hero would want to be a knight, don't you think?? We got our costumes at and as always, the service was amazing!

I had a hankering the other day for something different, and decadent, for lunch, so I whipped up some potato pancakes!! Dipped in sour cream....YUMMY!!!!
Before you get all impressed, they're from a box mix! Still, they were heavenly!!!

I've been trying to win the prize package that Jacque gives away each week for years, and last week I finally won!! So exciting!! 13 flower bunches, ivory & gold butterflies and a set of  Christmas stamps! Yippee Skippee!!!!

This is something I totally want for Christmas (*hint, hint THOMAS!!),....The Walking Dead monopoly game!!! Soooo awesome! It's available on Amazon, starting on October 2nd. It's already in the cart. Easy peasy!!!
Super cool board, AND check out these game tokens!! I want the RV, lol!!!

And last, but not least!, I got a Good Mail package from Christina! It took forever to reach me, but it finally did last Friday!!! My very own Vikings jersey!! Woooo Hoooo!!!!! I've bought tons of them for Thomas and the kids, but I've never had one for myself! So stinkin' excited!!!! Thank you, Christina!!!
AND.....she also sent me these gorgeous crown votive holders!! Love, love, love them!! I seriously have the bestest friends in the whole, wide world!!!!

AND....seeing how I finally had my very own jersey, AND I had to order season two of Homeland because our crappy PX doesn't ever carry anything good, I put in this stinkin' cute hat in the order too. To get free shipping. *wink*
There! All caught up again!! Hoping to get upstairs now and get some crafting done. I'm wayyy behind on some over-due cards, plus I also have two Blog Hops to get ready for as well.


Christina Wernstrum said...

Bella story had me rolling and that was a whole lot of cupcakes. I can see why you want the board game but I would want to be the spiked bat! That looks like the most beautiful prize package can't wait to see what you do with those flowers. And Last so glad you like the package and those crowns just yelled you to me! Loving the hat you got to match the jersey!

Gail said...

Hahaha, not laughting at you, but with you!
Awesome costumes!
Lovely cupcakes & potato pancakes!
Congratulations on the win!
Cool hat!

Rita said...

Yummy foods!! You made me realize I haven't eaten yet today--LOL!
Bella and the mask--so funny!
Congrats on the wins--sweet gifts--and I didn't realize you were a Vikings fan. That's my home state--although I don't watch sports. I have followed them off and on over the years. Old enough to remember the "Purple People Eaters"--LOL!

Deanna said...

I'll bet Bella cannot wait for Halloween! What a funny story. Great miscellanous post. Oh, and great win!

joe tacoma said...

The RV reminds me of the bus--remember that? Those were the halcyon days of NS.

SueAnn Lommler said...

The costumes are great!! Any cupcakes left? Yum!
And potato pancakes? Double yum!

Intense Guy said...

Pasta and potato pancakes...

That does it, I'm moving in...

ChicagoLady said...

Can't wait to see a picture of you in your jersey AND HAT, lol. Losers! You should seriously root for a WINNING team, like Da Bears! ;-)

AliceKay said...

Fun post! :)