Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Sunday Blessings

As summer vacation draws to a close, we went to Bella's school on Friday to meet her new teacher. *Fingers crossed* that Bella has a better year this year, and can focus on her work, have a good attitude and doesn't have the bullying issues she's had the past couple of years. Her "record" on this bulletin board happened to be pink, and Bella said that meant it was going to be a good year! I hope so!! I will have a 4th grader tomorrow!!!! (And a whole week with Daddy ALONE!)

Because we don't buy the bread over here (they ship it from the States frozen and it's always stale, and often moldy!), I have to make my own when I have a hankering for sandwiches. In Italy I made bread every day because Bella brought her lunch to school, but here she gets the school lunch. She wanted it, and I like not having to buy a new lunch bag every time she loses it!!! Cold cuts from the deli on my fresh bread was amazing!!

Thomas has been asking for more lasagna since I the last time I made it, lol, and with it being rather cloudy and cool outside today, I thought it was the perfect time to have it! BUT....he was going to have to help! He watched me mix the dough in the bowl, and when it was ready to be kneaded, I let him take over. Doesn't he look like he's having fun???

 Knead, knead, knead the dough!

 All finished and wrapped in cellophane to rest in the fridge!

 Time to roll out the pasta!!

I have to say that I was quite uncharacteristically patient while Thomas rolled out all but the first and last "slices" of the dough! I let him do it all and just stood back to be ready if he needed help. He did a great job!

Drying on the rack!

Today is Daddy/Daughter day, so soon they'll be leaving to head to post to have lunch together and go bowling. While they're gone I'll do some housework (blah!), and hopefully do a bit of crafting too. My floors are pretty bad, and I have another load of laundry to do. Don't really feel like it, but it's easier to get it done when I'm alone in the house, lol!!! Pop on my new ipod and jam out!

Then I'll make the sauce and cheese fillings for a scrumptious dinner tonight - can't wait!!! It's a lot of work, but soooo worth it!


Rita said...

That looked like machine made bread--tada! I wouldn't have known that until recently, as you know--haha!

Nice that he made the lasagna noodles. I hope they had a good day and that dinner will be just as good this time. Sounds delicious!! I know it looked yummy last time. ;)

Intense Guy said...

I'm not 100% convinced Thomas was having fun...


Deanna said...

Jim tries to help me in the kitchen, but he usually just gets in the way. he's good at the cleanup tasks and says he doesn't mind. Win!

Th homemade noodles always look amazing. So does the bread!

AliceKay said...

I bet you had a fantastic meal! :)

joe tacoma said...

I hope Bella has a great 4th grade.