Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to The Bella!

Bella's birthday is actually today, the 18th, but her party was scheduled for yesterday. It's just easier to have a party on a Saturday afternoon! Bella loves to go bowling, and I love having a party away from the house - easier clean up, lol!

Guests starting to arrive!

Time for some bowling!

Happy Birthday Girl!

Bella is actually a great little bowler!

Time for pizza!! They were HUGE!

Time for presents!

Perfume, shower gel (Hello Kitty!) and a charm bracelet with her first charm!

Big hugs!

Three new Littlest Pet Shop sets! WIN!!

Handmade mermaid & seahorse!
Thanks Regina for making this!!!!

Next two are PX gift cards - Bella loves to shop!

New pink camera!

Two new DS games from Sissy!

Handmade hair bows & shells from Regina!

Next to last present...building excitement!
My Little Pony set

Bella has talked about wanting this for almost a year!

Happy? YOU BET!!
She actually got quite a few other presents, but I didn't photograph everything. Spoiled? Um, yeah!

Time for one more game as the parents chit-chat!

Hello Kitty banner

Group shot!

The goofy Daddies!!

We popped into the Commissary very quickly to pick up some rib eye steaks, and we had an easy grilled dinner. We were all exhausted, but the pure excitement for Bella was totally worth it. Another great birthday!!!


Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

Happy Birthday to the Bella! so glad it was a great party (looks like it was fun)

Gail said...

Happy Birthday Bella!
Love her dress, and good job on the party!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to Bella! Love the group shot, and the shot with the daddies! :)

Mary Cavalier said...

What a great birthday. I can't believe they still make furbies katie wanted one so bad for her birthday when she was about that age and after a couple weeks it sat in the closet. They always remind me of the movie Gremlins.
Glad to see the dads getting into the spirit. What men won't do for their little girls.

Rita said...

Great birthday! I didn't even know they still made Furbys!! And a Furby with a tail and in colors--whoohoo!!
Happy Birthday, Bella!! :)

AliceKay said...

Looks like Bella had a great birthday party. The kids looked like they were having a lot of fun bowling. Happy Birthday, Bella.

Loved her big smile when she saw the Furby. I have a Halloween Furby (one of the original Furbys from when they first came out years ago) sitting in my bedroom closet. It's orange and high school colors. :)

Terri's mom would have been 86 years old today. Her birthday was also August 18th.

ChicagoLady said...

Bella was not excited with her presents at all! You really need to explain to her about the pure joy from opening birthday presents. LOL

Looks like a fun time was had by all, kids and adults. Happy Birthday, Bella!

joe tacoma said...

Bella's birthday beautifully documented.

Intense Guy said...

I just want to know the bowling scores... :)

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Great job Mom on planning and executing the party. Not to mention the photography! Great job Dad's on the napping and being exhausted part. Hope you put them to work on the grilling of the rib eyes.
Can't wait to see the ongoing adventures of the Furby. He'll have his own tag right? Maybe his own blog once he learns to speak English? Hee, hee.

Regina said...

What a wonderful birthday party!! Looks like everyone had a blast but then who wouldn't bowling. (Chaz has been bowling for his birthday every year since he was much fun)

So Happy Happy Happy she loved her Seahorse/Mermaid and bows. I so enjoyed making them for her.