Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting ready for BIRTHDAY!!

The Bella will be NINE this Sunday!! She is having a birthday party at the bowling alley on post this year. Last year we had just moved, and didn't know anyone local. Apparently she wasn't keen on having a repeat of last year's trip to IKEA. (Bummer!!) So...I have been busy getting ready for her big day!

Hello Kitty invitations I made:
Hello Kitty is very, very, very big over here!!! I made the invites without "happy birthday", or any sentiment on the front, in case the girls wanted to keep them.

We went to the local euro store (like a dollar store in the States) to "save money" on party stuff. Epic fail on the saving money part, but huge score on finding tons of Hello Kitty stuff!!!! See?

Hello Kitty bracelets!

Hello Kitty lip balm!

Animal toys!

Hello Kitty nail art!

Pony toys!

Hello Kitty balloons!

Annoying noisemakers, lol!

All to go into Hello Kitty goody bags!
(and tied with new pink ribbon!)

All Hello Kitty decorations! Plates, cups, napkins, hats, tablecloth and even a banner! And after spending a small fortune on all this stuff (prices start at one euro, but most things were much more than that!!!)...Bella actually had the nerve to complain that she really wanted a pony theme instead - which they didn't have. Argh!!!! I will be making pink cupcakes instead of a large cake (much easier that way!), and there will be pizza and soda provided at the bowling alley. We did this for her 7th birthday in Italy, and it really is the way to go!

In other, non-related, news...we have a new addition to the family;
Meet Molly!

Molly came to us in a very round-about way via Facebook! (Thanks, Brooke!!!) One family needed to rehome their cat because of allergies, and one family needed a furbaby! Win/Win!

She came with ALL the things you'd need for a cat too, including this jungle gym for cats. Which she LOVES!!!
A great place to get away from small hands of little people with too much enthusiasm, lol! It has been a bit of an adjustment period, but *fingers crossed*, we are all settling in well now.


Rita said...

It sounds like the way to go for a party!
Hello, Molly!! I was chuckling at her escape to the top of the cat tree if she wants to be alone. Happy soon to be birthday to Bella! :)

Heatherlyn said...

You really scored in the Hello Kitty department. The invitation is totally awesome, btw. Idk though, I might prefer the IKEA birthday myself ;).

ChicagoLady said...

Happy early Birthday to Bella!

Intense Guy said...

I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the fact that Bella is 9!?!?!?!

AliceKay said...

Looks like Molly has found a wonderful home.

Bella's birthday party is gonna be awesome!