Monday, July 22, 2013

Kemnath - Prettiest Little Town in Germany!

The weekend before last, we were out and about most of the day on Saturday! It felt great to get out of the house, and spend some quality family time together!! With Thomas' job, it's always at a premium! While we were waiting for our doners (the most amazing flat bread sandwiches EVER!!) to be made, I walked down the street a bit to take a couple of photos.

Just look at these luscious roses!

The Bella strikes a pose!

All the flowers are amazing and everything looks so pretty!

Our Maypole and fountain

Snatched this one from Facebook. I think it was a Battalion run. You can see Thomas on the far right hand side. Everyone wears the same uniform, but you can wear whatever sneakers you want. I've seen some really crazy and bright looking ones before!!!


Intense Guy said...

That town might be one of the prettiest little towns anywhere!!

Bella in the roses only helps it be even prettier!

Christina Wernstrum said...

I love the roses around the gate! is it a residence? I miss how Germans decorate their towns!

AliceKay said...

Great pictures of your little town. The roses are beautiful, and the picture of Bella is pretty cute.

Gail said...

That is a pretty little town.
Are those storefront windows that are empty?
Lovely roses!

Jennifer said...

I love the pizza from that doner place (the walk-up window right?)! LOVE it! They are a little unfriendly (never mean but never glad to see me!) but the pizza is the bomb. Jon likes the Yufkas.