Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why yes...I AM a Pasta Goddess!!!

I've always wanted to make my own pasta. Always!!! But having never seen it being made, or knowing anyone who's actually done it, I figured I probably never would. Once while we were in Italy, I was going to go to a pasta making class, but for some reason wound up never being able to go. But then...I saw that my friend Amanda was making some for dinner one night on Facebook. Que the oh-so-fun game of 20 bazillion questions, lol! She said it was easy. And really, if she could do it, why wouldn't I be able too, right??

I did some research and bought a pasta machine on Amazon. And a drying rack. And two attachments. When I do something, I don't do it a "little bit", lol! Go big or go home! So, after waiting and waiting (and waiting!!!!) on the slow assed mail, it finally arrived!!!! Yay!! But then, it was here. In a box. Looking so complicated and intimidating. Honestly, I wanted to just put it downstairs with the other kitchen stuff I don't have room to store in my cupboards. But if I did that, I knew I'd never use it.

So it sat on my counter. In the way. A daily accusation that it had been purchased, but not yet used. Every day that box made me feel like crap. I don't need any help feeling like crap!!! So today, was going to be the day that I braved the pasta!!! I figured no matter how badly it turned out, it wouldn't feel any worse than having an expensive toy I'd asked for just sit there unused. Ya know???

I had a recipe for the dough from online printed out and I followed the directions. (I did wind up adding a bit more water and olive oil than it called for, but it was too dry otherwise.) After mixing and kneading, I shaped it into a small log and wrapped it up tightly in plastic wrap. Then you're supposed to refrigerate it at least an hour. Mine wound up being more like 90 minutes because I was upstairs sorting out my new stamping order, lol!

Dough out of the fridge:
I unwrapped it, and sliced off about a 3/4" slice. I rolled it a bit on the counter and then ran it through the machine. Over and over till it was the desired thickness, and then through the noodle attachment. (My machine comes with a noodle and spaghetti attachment.) I was in cloud nine!!!! It rolled out like a champ, not too dry, not too wet, and the cutting part was like magic! So.Freakin'.Fun!!!!

Pasta on the drying rack:

My machine! As you can see, very little mess!!

Drying rack moved to the stove so I could clean up the table. Having never done this before, I was able to roll out and cut all my dough in 20 minutes!!! Pretty good considering I didn't know what I was doing, lol!!! But the proof, they say, is in the tasting...so stay tuned for the review! I'm making Shrimp Alfredo for dinner, with mozzerella garlic bread and green beans!!!! So hungry already, lol!

If this turns out OK (and I'm pretty sure it will!!!), I'm planning on making lasagne for dinner tomorrow, and mini ravioli the day after that!!! And then I'll have to order some exercise videos!! *big grin*


Amanda Corbet said...

Good for you!!! I make my great grandmothers recipe for homemade egg noodles for at least Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's not hard, just time consuming (my great grandmas recipe makes a TON). Enjoy your homemade pasta! It's so much better than store bought!!!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I have had pasta machines and given them away they sat so long! Sob!
I should have braved it...good for you!
And it looks fabulous!

Deanna said...

The closest I've ever come to making pasta was when the kids were little I always made home made egg noodles. They were so awesome. I can't wait for the review. Your pasta looks so awesome hanging there drying. You rock!

Regina said...

Ohhh can't wait to hear how your pasta tasted. Yumalicious I'm sure. (yes..I'm making up words..hehe)

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Oh wow! I'm a little jealous! I would love to make my own pasta. It tastes so divine as opposed to the packaged stuff.

Wishing you a lovely day.

Intense Guy said...

I've only seen pasta making on PBS cooking shows... hey! you could do a show like that - and one on card makin'... and travel... heck you could do half of PBS shows easily...

Heatherlyn said...

I have enjoyed reading all your posts about the different types of pasta you are making!!! Yummy!!! My ex had a pasta maker when I was married to him so we made pasta a lot and it was very good. When we divorced I left everything behind, I just wanted to be out!!!!! Maybe I will buy another pasta maker someday. All your posts are inspiring!!!!

AliceKay said...

Looking good. My sister has a pasta maker and uses it quite often. Me? I would never attempt something like this. LOL

Alicia (aka "Yaya") said...

I made homemade pasta once and my kitchen was COVERED in flour and dough!!!! That was enough for me! Lol