Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday's Monet Moment

 Happy Monday, everyone!!
(And if it's sunny where you are...please pass some of it over to Germany, would you??? We could really use a break from cold, cloudy, windy and rainy!!!)


Today my blog will be featured on Stamping Jo!
She liked the card I made with some of our newest Stampin' Up goodies from the new catalog! So exciting to have some bloggy recognition - thanks Jo!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Monday!!

p.s., its raining here too...

Deanna said...

Happy Monday Jeannie!

The sun is shining for a change... you know, glimmering off all of the flood waters. We are high and dry, but our poor farmer friends. It just isn't fair.

Congratulations on getting featured on My Crafty Friends Monday. You deserve that recognition!!!!!

Gail said...

Love Monet Monday!
Congratulations on your featured card!
It's raining here too, so can't help out today!
Wishing you sunny skies for tomorrow!

Lisa said...

It is super sunny here. Wish I could send you some. Germany sounds a bit like Seattle or Portland. Lots of rain...

Rita said...

Nope. Dark, grey, rainy day here, too. Would if I could. ;)

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...


It's been rainy all week here but we've had some sunshine today! Yay!

Wishing you some sunshine and a lovely day.

AliceKay said...

No rain here today. The sun came out late this morning and the sky cleared. Was in the low 70s...much nicer than the low 90s we had for a few days. If I could send some sun your way, I would. *hugs*

Heatherlyn said...

I would package some sunshine and mail it to you if I could!!! It is crazy all your gray days! Seriously! You might as well be living in Alaska! Thank goodness for crock pots and crafting, right?

SueAnn Lommler said...

Well we desperately need the I will gladly trade you! If only!!
Here it is sun, sun, sun! I enjoy it but we are in extreme drought and lots of fires surround us! Sigh!