Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday's Monet Moment

 A soft and dreamy start to your week!
Have a great one!!!

From yesterday...
Thomas was working from home! I couldn't fuss at him either, because I was super busy doing housework yesterday too. Hopefully all this "behind the scenes" work will enable him to have dinner with us this week!!! I hate it when we have to eat dinner without him! That's FAMILY TIME!!!

And here is The Bella, enjoying her tablet! She never did get dressed yesterday, lol! She is wearing a patch, as she always does at home, to help strengthen her lazy left eye.

This morning while I was watching the lame-o finale of The Walking Dead, I saw a bunch of birds swooping up and down in my front yard. It was kind of distracting, lol! Then I heard a loud BAM!!! I paused the video and looked out all three of my kitchen windows. Nothin'. I opened the front door, and I saw one bird viciously pecking at another bird that looked pretty much dead. When I stepped outside, it flew away and the one laying on the ground didn't appear to be moving. Later I went out with a bag to put the bird in the trash and found this.....
It wasn't dead!

I'm sure it's hurt because it didn't fly away when I stepped outside, but there wasn't anything I could do for it either, so I left it alone. I didn't see any blood, so hopefully the poor little thing is just dazed and will be OK! I've never seen this kind here before and it's a good sized bird. Feel better little guy!

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Intense Guy said...

I hope the birdie flew off.