Friday, March 1, 2013

This, that, and the other...

I'm still sick, and have nothing special really going on over here. Unless you consider coughing up a lung "special". They yeah, I'm super special, lol! I've had some random shots in my photo files for a while now, so I'll share 'em with you now, and then I can get them off my hard drive!

From January 22nd:
Most of you know I refer to my new Kindle HD as "My Precious". Now it's officially named that as you can see, lol! I use this every day, and when I see this in the upper left hand corner, I smile. Even my family calls it that now!!!! Too funny! Sometimes we get things that don't wind up being used, or the novelty soon wears off. Not this time!!! Best.Christmas.Present.EVER!! (Thank you, Thomas!)

We got a large gift card from Thomas' Dad for Christmas from Amazon. Thomas quickly decided on an expensive DVD set (Star Wars? Can't remember) but I was having a hard time thinking of something I wanted. Hard to believe, I know! Luckily a friend on Facebook mentioned something about drinking more water because of blog she ran across. (See HERE!) So now I had a perfect idea for getting more water in myself too. I think I drink farrrr too many calories and I definitely wasn't getting enough water in! Above you can see my pretty new pitcher, which has a screw in center part for adding fresh fruits and/or herbs!) Here is raspberry-lime and it's my favorite!!! Soooo good!

Here is a half gallon mason jar, with a plastic pour top (both from Amazon!), with pineapple-mint blend. It was very good too, but I thought it would be sweeter. This gets a "B" from me. OK, but not my favorite.

The spout is so handy!

I saw these online and BEGGED my friends to buy them for me. So far, nada!!! Sooo.....if you should be out and about, and love me dearly, you will buy these for me!!!! You know, if you really love me!!!!!

From February 10th:
This was the first time I had seen the sun since returning to Germany from Florida over Christmas break. It was TOTALLY sunny, with bright blue skies. It kinda burned, lol! I knew I needed photos, because it wasn't going to last and I needed proof that there still was a sun up there somewhere!! This has been the "darkest" winter in Germany for the past 43 years. It sucks majorly!!! View from stamp room window, facing front yard.

View from smaller kitchen window, straight out back.

View from larger kitchen window, off to the side.

February 20th:
The Bella is home sick! She had had a runny nose for a while, but was otherwise fine. Then she got a fever, sore throat, hard coughing, and an ICKY runny nose. She wound up missing nearly an entire week of school and got the Super Cold from us. She layed on the couch all day long. No singing, no dancing, no playing. She just sort of stared at the TV and snoozed. Poor thing!

February 26th:
I don't know why we go out for Chinese, when mine is awesome!!! I made spicy Beef with Broccoli and served it over rice. Sooooo awesomely good!!! I found mini corn cobs at our Commissary and picked them up, and they were perfect for this dish!
When Thomas finally made it home (he's rarely here to eat with us), he loved it too! See???

Today, March 1st:
Bella wearing pajamas to school! All week they've done something special each day, and this was the "thing" for today. She was even allowed to bring a small stuffed animal, so she choose the unicorn Alex bought for her at Legoland in Florida. For once, she didn't complain about going to school, lol!

Happy Kiddo!!

So there you have it. Some random stuff from my photo files! Still coughing, but *knock wood* no headache today. Still not sleeping well either. I'm so bummed to STILL be sick with this crud, and tonight was supposed to be my first Bunco night with the ladies. I haven't played since we lived in Georgia!!!! I was really looking forward to it too. I have a feeling that they don't want my crud very much, and I'm usually showered and in jammies by around 4pm lately, lol! Hoping for a miracle cure this weekend, or I'll be headed to the clinic next week. DO NOT want that because I'm almost assured of walking out of there with something worse - UGH! No crafting accomplished either. I think my Stamping Studio is feeling abandoned!!!

Right after Bella left for school, I made a pan of brownies and rolled the Italian Meatballs we're having for dinner. I know that even though I feel horrible now, my energy level is going to do nothing but plummet as the day goes on. So, better to do my chores early while I'm still capable of it. Now...who wants to fold my laundry for me?? Anyone???? Hello???


SueAnn Lommler said...

Think I will pass on the laundry...Ha!
Be well soon!

April said...

So sorry you're still sick! Boy, can I ever relate! We've had the "yucks" going around here for the past 3 weeks...all three of us have had it. Cough, nasal congestion, fatigue...I've had enough! Hopefully, we'll be well come Monday. Ohh...I love Chinese food and that dish sure looks good! You don't make it in the crock pot, by chance? Love that thing!

Alison Scott said...

I'll pass on the laundry too!
My house is like a laundry at the moment, I am doing my own and youngest daughters as usual, my eldests machine broke so been doing hers, partners and my grandaughters. Then once a week hubby comes home and adds his to the pile to be done ready to go away again Monday.
I'll also pass on your lurgy as that'll be all I need.
Hope you will be better soon.

Deanna said...

So far I haven't seen those M&M's, but if I do, I'll pick some up for you. I kinda instinctively stay away from the candy aisles, so it's something I'll have to REMEMBER to look for!

The little ones always look so cute and snuggly when they are cuddled up on the couch like that. It's a shame she was sick!

Not much sunshine around here these days either. It has been flurrying for five days now. Fortunately it is not accumulating any.

Getting the scrapbook nook done is such a relief! See what I mean about not much shelf space left on the narrow shelves? But the large shelves above the table can be used for overflow for stuff that isn't used much. I'm too short to easily reach stuff up there. The space looks decent size, but it really is only a nook, less than half the size of a small bedroom, but it is working super dandy for me now.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

2busy said...

I have the "traditional" kindle, and love it. But a Kindle HD looks amazing. Everything I love about a kind of like an iPad?

Infused water..Yummy!

Gail said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!
How much laundry are we talkin' about?
I've never seen those M & M's either!
Your beef & broccoli looks amazing, and so does the water!
Feel better soon!

Garden of Egan said...

I hope you get feeling better sooner. There is crap going around....apparently all over the continents!

Get back to your scrap room!
I need your fabulous inspiration.

AliceKay said...

Water is good for you. Those flavors should help making drinking water more enjoyable for you. :)

I saw some of those Raspberry M&Ms around just before Valentine's Day, but I don't recall seeing them since then.

So sorry Bella and everyone was sick over there. Lots of sickness going around. I had it for weeks and weeks. My throat is sore again so not sure what's up there.

We've had snow showers, snow squalls, and just plain snow flurries flying here every day for a long time. I can't remember when we had a day that it didn't. Gets to a person after awhile. Not to mention the stench of skunk we can't seem to get rid of because it's been too cold to do much about it. :\

Brownies sound good. Comfort food. :) Hope you're feeling better soon.

Life in a Small Town said...

I hope by now you're feeling better! I haven't seen the raspberry M&M's, but I did pick up some raspberry hugs after Valentine's Day. We're going to put them in the goodie bags for the guests at my in-laws' anniversary party. (If I don't forget to take them, that is!)