Friday, March 22, 2013

Potted Flower Tutorial

Things you'll need: 
Fun Flowers Bigz L die - cut one of each flower layer (base CS, others DSP)
1 3/4" circle punch of coordinating card stock
6" wooden skewer, 1/8" diameter (mine were longer, I just cut them!)
Tombow multi-purpose adhesive
Snail adhesive
Coordinating button, tied with white baker's twine
Mini glue dots
3/4" x 5 1/2" card stock
4 1/4" x 11" card stock, scored at 5 1/2"
Sticky strip
Paper trimmer
Scalloped envelope die
Dimensionals (6)
3/4" flat backed marbles (2)
Hot glue gun
Bitty Banners framelit
Itty Bitty Banners Stamp Set
Matching ink pad to card stock used
14" coordinating ribbon (mine was from the Spring 2013 catalog!)

Step 1: Assemble and adhere the three flower layers together with snail adhesive. Turn over to the back side, and using a hot glue gun, secure skewer to the center back of flower. Let cool.

Step 2: Using Tombow multi-purpose adhesive, glue punched circle over the secured skewer end. Be patient and hold firmly for about a minute, easing the paper all around the center. This will hide the hot glue, and make the flower stronger.

It should look like this when you're finished. AFTER completing this step, attach button with glue dots to the front center of your flower. It's much easier to attach the skewer, and pushing downwards, if the button isn't already on the front!

Step 3: Take your 3/4" x 5.5" strip of card stock, and score at: 1/4", 2 1/4", 3 1/4" and 5 1/4". Mark with a pencil the center, as shown.

Step 4: Place sticky strip at both ends.

Step 5: Using a crop-o-dile, on the smaller 1/8" side, punch a hole in the center where you've marked.

Step 6: Using your folded card stock piece, cut out two scalloped envelopes, making sure the fold is OUTSIDE of the cut line, so two will be cut!

Step 7: Line up the bottom flap of your envelope in your paper trimmer, and trim off the excess. You should be left with 1", from the bottom scored line to the new edge of the envelope as shown.

Step 8: Using a ruler, measure 1/2" from the lower scored edge, inward as shown. Mark with a pencil. Do this on both sides.
Two pencils marks, 1/2" inwards.

Step 9: Line up the marks you've made, to the upper corner, and score as shown. These will be your side fold lines, not the original ones!! This gives the flower pot it's proper shape!

Then, taking your paper snips, cut at a 90* angle on the scored line on the side, and then straight down at the edge of the new scored line. See the photo below, and compare it to the one above to see the difference. Do this on both sides of each envelope.

Step 10: Fold the two halves of the pot as shown. Burnish fold lines with a bone folder.

Step 11: On one half, place sticky strip on the inside bottom flap as shown. Attach the other half by matching up the base pieces.

Step 12: Using a hot glue gun, glue the flat sided marbles to the base as shown. It's OK if the outter edges hang over your base a little. You'll want to leave 1" in the center open. This is necessary to put weight on the bottom of your pot to stabilize it. Don't skip!!
I used clear marbles because I had them on hand, but any color will work because they won't be seen.

Step 13: Fold card stock strip as shown. Burnish fold lines.

Step 14: Remove the sticky strip cover and place in the center bottom, between the marbles. You can see the amount of space is slightly smaller than 1", but it's close enough!

Step 15: Gently push the skewer end of your flower through the hole in the strip, and push through all the way down. Holding it firmly downward with one hand, use the other hand to place hot glue all around the base as shown. You'll do this by placing glue in front and coming around the back as well. (see photo for amount to use.) This is why the sides of the pot haven't been assembled yet! Hold for about 30 seconds after placing the hot glue and then you can let go.

Step 16: Using the Tombow adhesive, glue the sides together, one side at a time. It's a very strong adhesive, but has more "give" while positioning the sides than sticky strip. You only get one shot with sticky strip!!
Make sure your sides are closed up in such a way that the front and back of the pot are snugly up against the center strip for stability, and also evenly spaced so that neither the front nor back edges are higher than the other. Your bottom and top edges of the sides won't be even, as shown in the photo, because the paper edges are curved, not straight. After you've done this step, these instructions will make more sense!! By placing your pot on a flat surface, it's much easier to assemble the sides. Place your pointer finger inside and push against your thumb on the outside to firmly adhere the sides. Hold for a few seconds.

Step 17: Place three dimensionals on the inside lip of the folded scalloped edge, on both sides of the pot. Peel off cover and press down firmly. Having this raised edge, gives the piece nice added dimension.

Step 18: Stamp the paper ribbon banner on white card stock with matching ink. Using the larger of the two ribbon framelits, place over the stamped image as shown. I secured it with repositionable tape while running through the Big Shot, to make sure it stayed put. You'll want to have this extra room on the left to attach to your flower.

Step 19: Curl the left edge of the banner around your skewer, this will curl the paper and break down the fibers a little. I used a tiny bit of Tombow on the inside curled edge, and wrapped it around the skewer. Works like a charm!

Step 20: Place a glue dot on the back side of the pot, just under the scalloped edge. Attach the center of your ribbon to the back, then pull both sides forward and tie a knot or bow in the center front. Trim edges as necessary at an angle.

Now stand back and admire your potted flower!! If you decide to make this yourself (and I hope you will!!), I'd love it if you linked back to this post so that I can see what you've made! Feel free to use and share this tutorial with your friends and customers. I just ask that you do not take this and attempt to sell it, or submit it for any contest or publication as I reserve that right for myself. Thank you!


MrsC.x said...

they're fan chick and a great clear tutorial too i totally understood you every step of the way :) x

MrsC.x said...

that should say they're fab! lol

Life in a Small Town said...

What is that "Big Shot" thing? My SIL & I are working on goody bags for my in-laws' anniversary party, and I'm trying to cut goody bags (sacks, really) with scalloped scissors. It's not going so great. I can't seem to cut them straight. (close, but no cigar). Do you have any suggestions?

Deanna said...

I cannot even imagine how long it took you to figure all of these measurements out. Wow. These are so cool. I can imagine them as a party favor for so many thiings. All you would have to do is change what the banner says. Great job Jeanne, both with the project and the tutorial!

2busy said...

These are so cute! They would look darling on an Easter table spread.

PS. I love your disclaimer above...


Absolutely precious. You are so creative.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful Jeanne!! So cute, and the tutorial is so easy to follow. Thanks!

Gail said...

So cute, and what a great tutorial!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Guess the scalloped envelope die is on the list! sigh!

Alicia (aka "Yaya") said...

These are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

love these- since winter does not appear to want to leave- I will be mnaking some of these and pretending spring is here with these- TFS