Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Post-It Note Tuesday!

 This is SO cool!!!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Love the journal and pen case...perfect!
I dislike the winter and snow and all the crap that comes with it too!!
Come on spring...you can do it!!

Mary said...

I despise Winter, and snow, and anything cold. I want to go back to HI!! Awesome gift to the Bella! Good luck with your idea. The hubby's FRG won't let me participate because I asked to be taken off the Coffee Roster.

Alison Scott said...

Hey Jeannie,
I hope you got the green light for the project and can let us know what it is.
As for your monthlies, I was like you and in spite of being sterilised I was offered the Mirena coil and it was a real revelation. I don't bleed now. No pain, nothing. It's wonderful. Ask your doctor.
I love the gift you bought your Bella, difficult isn't it not to give gifts early to see their faces.
Have a good week.

Christina Wernstrum said...

Good Luck with the green light. The journal is awesome, and I have no sun et either. Not that I'm complaining. I love my Washington weather! Andrea won't die that'd be too easy... then who would we hate?

Deanna said...

No sun here (: Calling for rain and maybe snow here too. Taco rings are a perfect quick diner!
Am starting season one of TWD through Netflix soon. Currently hooked on Downton Abby. Lovin' it!

April said...

I love writing in journals...have kept them since I was in 5th grade! A taco wreath sounds very tasty! Sorry about your snow! Though we had temps in the 70's over the weekend, it's going to rain all weekend long with high's in the mid-40's. UGH!!! Oh, I hear ya on the menstrual pain. Since I've gotten older, my periods are so much worse and they last sometimes for 2 weeks! Enough already!

Gail said...

Well, we DO have sun.
And 10 feet (REALLY) of snow, and hurrican force winds which put the temperatures at -50! For real!

AliceKay said...

So sorry to hear your monthly "friend" is not at all friendly. I don't miss that one bit. But with menopause, several other issues show up that aren't so fun either. Hang in there. I hope you can find a solution for the pain.

Very nice journal. I'm sure Bella will love it.

We had a little sunshine this morning, but not anymore. The sky is gray and overcast now.

Alicia (aka "Yaya") said...

Yeah, winter needs to LEAVE!