Monday, December 10, 2012

Nuremburg Christmas Market - Part 3

Continuing on with our last part!....

I only caught the last bit, but the characters move when the clock strikes and bells toll!

Bella REALLY wanted to go on this, but we didn't.

You can't tell in my photos, but this is shiny gold!
Wax seal stamps!! And no, I didn't get any, lol!! I did look though!
Handmade wooden stamps!
A gingerbread man!!!

The most luscious cakes! I nearly swooned!!!
Gorgeous mosaic!

So much good stuff!!!

This is an outdoor pizza oven! So neat!

Such pretty wreaths!
It started to snow about now, and Thomas & Bella wanted to go.
So I took as many photos as I could on the way out!!

Gingerbread house!! I think we'll make our own soon!
Then it really started to come down!!

Thomas smiled, Bella grimaced, lol!

The buildings here have much narrower peaked roofs!

Walking on a covered walkway!

Chocolate store!
HUGE waffle cones!!

We didn't get any, but this made me miss Italy!

My Boyfriend!!!

What happened this time cracked me up!

Rudolph - so sweet unless you're on the Naughty List, lol!!

I was wondering why we hadn't seen this church earlier... was because we missed our turn!

Do you see what's wrong with this photo????

These Gothic style cathedrals enthrall me!!!
We'll have to come back and see inside!
Love it!

Love this too!

Driving back home
I hadn't wanted to leave, but it was a good thing we left when we did because it realllly started snowing and the roads were super slick!! It snowed all afternoon and night too! So good call, Thomas!

Wasn't that fun?? Next weekend we have two more markets lined up: Regensburg (for a more Medieval twist!) and Dresden (one of the largest!). Two new cities for us, two new markets!!! Next weekend is our last this year in Germany, as we fly out to see Alex in Florida on the 21st. Stay tuned, Bloggy Friends!

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Rita said...

I read them all and looked at everything! Wow! That was a lot to take in. I would have loved the shop with the stamps and the one with the chocolate! LOL! What great buildings and such a Christmas atmosphere. What fun to go with you. :)