Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving & Catch-up (again!)

I've been BUSY!!!! I have odd moments here and there (and I Facebook then), but not really enough time to blog. Sorry! It's probably going to be that way until this craft fair is over too. I spent Wednesday cleaning and baking for our Thanksgiving yesterday. But I still managed to get in some crafting both days still!! I have tons and tons I want to do, so have to use every spare moment. Now if I could just get some SLEEP, I bet I'd be even more productive!!

So what I've done since my last post....
Working on the hand sanitizer packs.

I finally got to use my new mitten stamp set and matching punch!
I love tools that make life fun and easy!!!
The finished product!

Shelves starting to fill up!

Because of my concentrated effort to make craft fair items, I've been using my crock pot nearly every day! Here is some FROM SCRATCH minestrone soup and fresh bread from my bread machine. YUMMY!

Bella picking up her $25 gift card for being the winner of the Halloween Contest! She spent it immediately at the PX on Littlest Pet Shop fairies and ring pops, lol!

Having lunch with Daddy!

More crafting...
27 post-it note holders! Most have little pens with them!

Working on Magic Reindeer Food packets.

Baggies filled with 'food'. I used A LOT of oatmeal, lol!


Kleenex packs!

Two more shelves filling up!

Peppermint Pattie snowmen!

Just over 25 pounds of beast!

Thomas wanting to devour it!

All ready to eat!

AMAZING package of Godiva goodies from our special guest!
6 Christmas trees!

3 Chocolate Santas!

A TOWER of chocolates and cookies!

And The Bella got a Godiva bear! (We're so spoiled!!!) A great day was had by all! I forgot to take some photos of our new wine stash, but it was a fabulous treat to add to the meal. And many meals to come, lol! OK...back to work...


Sandy Adams said...

Oh my, you have been busy! Those are some super cute crafts you've been making! :)

2busy said...

That is a HUGE turkey. I usually make a 12-14 pounder. But, not as many left overs that way...

You would be proud, I have created a craft room and stopped selling stamping goods on ebay. Of course, my son had to move out...It is a combo craft/spare bedroom, so everything has to be easily moved out for company. But at least I came out of the closet. hahaha

Deanna said...

I've been watching all of your fantastic creations on Facebook. They are all super, but that Reindeer Food was the best!

Your turkey was a few lbs. bigger than mine - and I thought I have a monster turkey!

Can't wait to see Craft Fair photos and hear how you did.

Rita said...

OMG!! You have been really really busy!! I can hardly wait to see pics of your booth/table and the fair. Best of luck on your venture! And congrats to Bella, too! :)

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wow! You have accomplished a lot! Good for you!!
I have a show coming up Dec. 2!! Time is flying

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Bella couldn't hang on to that prize for three seconds! LOL She's so cute. She's like her mommy with shopping. :)

Your turkey looked amazing!

AliceKay said...

You've been busy with the crafting. Lots of cute items there. Love the magic reindeer food. :)

Bella looked like she was having a great time with her dad. :)

Your turkey looked delicious and the table looked very nice. It was just Terri and me here. He worked all day on a project outside (will blog about it sometime) and I cooked a big turkey dinner for the two of us.

Terri collects steins, and that one is pretty cool. :)

Mmmm....chocolates. :)

Darla said...

I am totally envious of your prepared craftiness!!! Looks so nice....I am going to try to figure this out right now.....


Your craftiness is amazing. I am being crafy this year some too...My daughter and her husband, Frank and I are doing a Pinterest Christmas...three gifts from pinterest. I am steadily working. I will post everything when I finish the projects.

WhisperingWriter said...

I love all the stuff you make!

Mm, turkey. Looks fabulous.

Heatherlyn said...

Wonderful things going on! Your crock pot meals have been fantastic, and I think you ate crafting enough stuff to open your own store! It's super cute, too!