Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel Adventure to Wurzburg Part 1

Thomas' Battalion decided that yesterday was going to be "field trip day", so all the soldiers picked which of the three city trips they wanted to go on! Thomas picked Wurzburg! Family members were not allowed to go, and that so wasn't fair!!!! But...I did get to have a travel adventure of my own not too long ago, lol, so I can't say too much. We WILL be going again as a family very soon. Normally I don't like the photos that Thomas takes (I have this weird thing of liking my images in focus and centered, lol!), but he did an amazing job this time! See for yourself...
Thomas' family name was originally Kupsch, but the "c" was dropped going through Ellis Island. He is directly related to the family owned chain of grocery stores located around this part of Germany! Cool, huh? Yesterday was German Unification Day, so just about all the stores and shops were closed. Bummer!
Jewish Holocaust Memorial
We will remember.

WWII soldier memorial

Don't go! 
There's two more posts to go!!!


Christina said...

Wurzberg was our big go to town trip when we wanted to get away from our little post we were stationed at. Love seeing it again. Cracked me up the random squirrel pic.

Rita said...

Yes, all those great architectural type pics and then a rusty colored squirrel--LOL! Cool! :)

Heatherlyn said...

What a beautiful place! I love all of the pictures! What a wonderful adventure! It is one of the perks of living in Europe that so many places worth visiting, with so much rich history and beauty, are close enough to visit!

AliceKay said...

Thomas took some fantastic pictures. Loved the scenery and the gardens.

The holocaust was such a terrible event in history. I'm glad there are memorials around to make us remember what can happen when bad men try to take over the world.

If I want to see the world, all I have to do is drop by your blog from time to time. I will see things I will never, ever get to see in real life. Thank you for sharing. :)