Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travel Adventure to Merry Ole England! Part 4

Time to share with you all the stamping goodness now! Although we arrived on Friday afternoon, the event didn't start until Saturday morning. After breakfast, we all gathered outside the room and waited impatiently for Monica to unlock it for us, lol! When she did, this is what we found...
Gorgeously decorated bags on every table!!! Monica made these herself, for all 30 of us! They were filled with supplies needed for the projects this weekend. FULL packets of rhinestones, pearls, ribbon, sponge daubers, sticky strip, Tombow adhesive, dimensionals, etc, etc etc! TONS of freebies!
Plus! A free stamp set (and one I didn't even already own, if you can believe it!), and half a pack of DSP for the first project! Soooo generous!

Monica welcoming us!
This woman is a gem, and SO funny!!!

Getting to work on our first project: 5 cards & a matching box

Two of the Three Musketeers!!
We had plenty of room to spread out and craft!

I didn't think to take a photo of my name badge when I made it, and it got a bit damaged en route. We had very specific rules to follow in making them!!! It was so fun to see other people's take on the supplies given to us and I wish I had thought to photograph other people's!!! I guess I'll have to go to another event, huh??
Of course my badge had a crown, lol!

After a "tough" couple of hours of crafting, it was time for a tea and biscuit break! Let me tell you that the almond cookies were sinfully delicious!!!

Our table #3 display! I took home the smaller butterfly rosette.

Prize table! Everyone got one ticket each day, but you could buy more. Seeing as how I already had one of everything offered (US catalogs come out before the European ones), I didn't buy any extra tickets. And I didn't win, lol! Emily however won THREE TIMES!!! She left with quite lovely items too!!!

Sample display item. We didn't make this but I know how and plan to try it!!

Sample using the stocking die. Will make this one up too! LOVE it!

The girls did make this one. Sadly, another 3D item and will have to make it up at home. Crafting alone isn't nearly as much fun, but I learned from the experience of others, lol!

Isn't this cute??? What a clever idea on making a 'nest'!

Lunch time! We had a buffet style lunch and I tried some of everything. Soooo good! There were two choices for dessert too and I got the chocolate one. Decadence at it's finest!!!
Back to crafting!! This time we were making a 3D wreath! Again, no crafting for me, but I helped out and had fun chatting with everyone! You need A LOT of hot glue for this project!!!

Tea break! These strawberry scones were even better tasting than they looked!!! And I had two just to make sure, lol!!!

Emily's wreath!

Checking out the hearth seat!

Angie's wreath!

Saturday we had a fancy dinner lined up! I didn't bring super dressed up clothes, although some of the women did. I think I was just more comfortable, lol!

The lovely Monica!
Our hostess with the mostess!!!

Angie won the table prize!

I had a chicken something-or-other with parsnip. It was heavenly!

With a super, duper rich chocolate tort for dessert with orange gelato!

After dinner we changed into our jammies for the evening's project! We had a full candy bar too!! What's crafting without some sweeties to go with it???
Do you think Monica provided enough, lol???

So many new treats for me to try and I loved them ALL!!!

Another pillow gift waiting for us! A new pair of paper snip scissors!
Thank you, Monica!!!
A better photo, so I snitched it off of Monica's blog!

On Sunday, Monica had this for us:
So gorgeous!!!!
I took many photographs so I could have them to look at when I made mine at home!
We had one last large meal - Sunday lunch! English roast beef, potatoes and YORKSHIRE PUDDING!!!! I haven't had any in decades and it's one of my favorite things ever!!!!

With steamed veggies on the side....perfectly cooked!

For dessert we had panne cotta with fresh fruit and a sugar cookie! This was NOT a diet friendly weekend, lol!

Last project!
Surprise! It opens up to this!! You can use it for a small gift, or some 3D artwork!

We had 6 projects total. Four I couldn't do, but I will right away and I'll post as I complete them. Monica outdid herself with coming up with such lovely treasures for us to create! You can go to her blog HERE, for even more stunning photographs of our weekend together. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!!! Except that she's already booked another one next September!!!! *fingers crossed that I can go again!*


2busy said...

I'm so jealous!!! That looks like so much fun. And the food, wow! No wonder you wouldn't let Bella change your mind.

Rita said...

Mommy needed some time away by herself...well, with a crowd of crafty women! Why couldn't you make some of them? Because you couldn't get them home on the plane?

Everything looks like such fun! I think you should try to go again if you can. :):)

Intense Guy said...

What?!?! No plates full of Peas???


You really stamped it up!

Deanna said...

LOL @ Iggy. I don't know which I'm more jealous of - all of that wonderful food, or those neat projects. You'll be busy for awhile, won't you.

AliceKay said...

It looks and sounds like you had a great time. The food looked very yummy, too. :p

Sweet Home Stamper said...

ADORABLE PROJECTS!! The food looks delicious!!;)

buffycooper said...

What a wonderful, exciting, beautiful, perfect adventure! I know you had a blast. Thanks for sharing with us "commoners!'"

Regina said...

Such a wonderful adventure and I'm so happy that you were able to go!!!

Christina said...

Now that is the definition of mommy time!