Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Kupsh Chalet - Inside The Bella's Room!

The disaster that the movers left!

The next morning, and Bella is just so happy to be reunited with all her toys!

We had brought along her sleeping bag and pillow with us. Which is a good thing because it would take a couple of days to find her bedding. The movers also "couldn't find" her canopy parts either.

One of Bella's vanity legs went missing, along with the bolts to attach the mirror. AND the top to one of the bed posts. So many bits and pieces of things...not together and waiting to be found in an inappropriate box. *sigh*

See this huge box? It's full of non-packed toys. As in just DUMPED in! And there were two of them!!! And for some weird reason they put them in the basement....two floors down. Ugh. Amazingly, nothing was broken, but everything was all jumbled up. Thomas got one box to the main floor for me, but I had to bring it all upstairs piecemeal myself, and do the same with the second box still downstairs.
What a mess!

I did find and wash Bella's bedding so she was only in the sleeping bag for two nights. For some reason, a room always looks greatly improved when the bed is made!!!

So many toys...where is everything going to fit???

The desk is a hot mess...but she had her DVD player set up, lol!

And the AFTER!
Walking into the Princess' bedroom!

Everything assembled and organized!

I let Bella have my magnetic calendar and she's so happy to be using it! It has weather and special event tiles. She thinks it's really cool!

Bella got posters in her newest DS games, so I put them up for her.

Her fancy hair bows! I made this bow holder before she really even had hair, lol!

Where the Princess sleeps! With her Daddy Doll!

Pretty things on the wall.

Bookshelf and drawers all neatly organized!

On the slanted wall, I put up these fairies. I'm going to add tons of butterflies in between to fill up the white spaces. I just have to finish the house and get into my Stamping Studio to make 'em first though!

Her desk. I suppose we should replace the Italian school stuff, lol!

Her dresser

Ahhhh! The dollhouse is all straightened out again! (I think I love this more than she does, lol!)

Looking back toward her bedroom door.

I forgot to take photos of the inside - oops! The one on the right has shelves and is FULL of more toys. Yes, The Bella is sooo deprived!! So that's her room. Next up? The upstairs bathroom and our bedroom!!


Christina said...

What is it with military movers and just dumping stuff in where they can. Then oops leg fell off ohhh jut toss it in the garage box. Bolts? shove em in the cable box. Frustrating and it happens every move.

Bella"s room looks awesome so clean and organized. My kids rooms looks that too...when I clean them. Otherwise typical teen rooms.

Can't wait to see the rest.

Rita said...

wow! You've been very busy! Bella's room looks great now. Onward to the next room, right? Yes! You need to get done so you can play again! :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

It just looks so cute and happy in there!

April said...

I am loving Bella's new digs! Definitely fit for a princess! Good job, Jeannie!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a pretty room! I am glad things didn't get broken.

Teri M said...

Very nice room! I love the daddy doll!! :-)

AliceKay said...

I'll say it again...Bella is a very lucky little girl. :)

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you found all the legs, bolts, and pieces (and the canopy!)

Losing one of the boxes of toys might have been a help... just sayin'. :)