Sunday, September 2, 2012

A fun Saturday!

Here is Charlie, being good for a change! LOL! I love it when he snuggles with me, but don't like it much when he chews on various electronic cords or tries to eat my new lace curtains!! So you have to 'catch' him being good!!!

Bella got breakfast in bed yesterday morning! Here she is eating and watching a video as well. SPOILED ROTTEN!!!! She had a huge cinnamon roll and they were yummmmy!

We wanted to check out the various shops in town, and after finding TONS of cool stuff at the euro store (think Dollar store!), we checked out this little grocery store. Bella was getting hungry and fussy, so we didn't stay as long as we would have liked to. We did find some interesting things though...
Sorry, but this just looks wrong!

Chocolate covered kittens???

OK, we were all hungry!!

Left side: salty!

Right side: sweet!

Some things were hits, and some misses, but it was so fun to try new German things!!!


SueAnn Lommler said...

What fun!!! Love the snack titles...Ha!!

Darla said...

I always forget about having to try new foods when you move to another country. Curious to learn more..

Catherine said...

Oh my gosh! I think we're gonna have to do a sweet/salty German/Italian goodie swap via mail!!! :D

Deanna said...

Oh my, those Dickmans are totally wrong! It would be fun to try all of those new things. And lucky Bella. I want breakfast in bed!

Rita said...

Charlie is so darn cute I can't stand it! Kittens get into everything, so true!

Both those things at the store look wrong--LOL! Bella is a lucky girl. Enjoy trying everything in your new town! :)

Nikki Bond said...

OMG...that pic of your husband is soooo stinkin' funny! It is totally a shot I'd get of my husband if we found a treat like that! LOL....It looks like you guys had a blast shopping!


AliceKay said...

Bella is a very lucky little girl. :)

Interesting sounding snacks.

Intense Guy said...

How many were in the box? The Super Dickmann's - I mean...

Just askin'..