Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Kupsh Chalet - Inside The Stamping Studio!

Yeah, I know...I posted about this yesterday. But stick with me, there's a method to my madness, lol! You see it's like this, pretty much every room is finished. Well, except for hanging pictures (most of which are unpacked but still in the garage) and putting up curtains (which I can't do until we find/order some spring loaded curtain rods). However, most rooms still have sections to be organized and/or have "sh*t piles" of miscellaneous stuff that hasn't found a home yet. So the only room that's done to my satisfaction, is my Stamping Studio. (Don't judge! I didn't even go in there until everything else was pretty much done!!)

So my thought is...I'll show you the photos of  "before" and "after", the journey of unpacking as it were, of each room, one at a time. And that gives me a bit more time to FINISH another room, to be ready for the next day. Because at this point, I'm really over this moving business!! I just want to be done, settled, and get on with the total enjoyment of our new home!!!

So here we go.....
The day the movers came and quite literally just dumped my stuff in my Stamping Studio. Not much rhyme or reason to be found. Sort of a pattern I've found in military movers!

Laundry basket, with stuff from many different rooms.
None of them crafting!!!

Boxes. HEAVY boxes.
Stacked high, and wide!

My work box

Extreme damage done here. Not sure WHAT they did, but this isn't repairable. And because of it, I had to rearrange what went where. We will file a claim...for all the good it will do!

The gap is so large, that I can't put three shelves at the top, right hand side! Grrr! And you can't just push it together, because the dowels have rubber grips, which have been pulled out, and stripped, so won't go back in!

So after all the other rooms were pretty much settled, and "usable", I went in and unpacked all the boxes. I needed to see everything, in order to see how it was all going to work in there. Sort of a huge jig saw puzzle, lol!

It was sort of fun re-discovering old friends!
(At first, then it was just a lot of work!!!)

Tons of boxes and tons of stuff that didn't belong there!

Floor? What floor???

Every surface, covered by tall piles!

I had to put things on the shelves when I ran out of floor!

Don't ask how many times I tripped over this!

Stamp cases are two rows deep!

Took these a day later, after some progress had been made.

I knew I wanted to take most of my paper (card stock and designer paper packs) out of the work box to make it easier on the poor girl. Paper is heavy!! It also doesn't do well in sunlight, so I thought that this side of the closet would be a perfect place to store it! The closets here are terrific!!! (And they hide a multiple of sins, lol!)

Starting to fill up the work box.

Stuff on the floor getting thinner.
Poor box of NEW GOODIES still waiting for a home!!

I was ready to quit right about here!
Love my stuff.
Hate moving my stuff!

  But the end was in sight!!

...And The After!
Wooo Hooo!!!
Everytime I stand just here...I smile!

My filled up work box!

Ribbon and flower station.
It took me two hours to untangle that ribbon!!!

Cleared table, ready for projects!

Best system I've had so far for organizing these shelves!
More stamps here, to make room in the work box.
(for more - *grin*)

Center front of work box

Left side
I had to punch many bits of pink paper
that seemed to go missing during the move!

Right side

My Italian hen! 
I can see her better sitting here!

And my Parisian themed trunk in the corner!
(This holds all my needlework kits.)

The closets...

Left side
Holds seasonal clothes, some storage, envelopes and finished cards.

Right side
All my cardstock (current and retired), magazines, old catalogs, and 8x8 paper stacks. The bottom shelf is for Bella. Her stamping collection is quite small. For now!

So there you have it!! The before, the after, and everything in between! What's next??? You'll have to come back and see for yourself!


Cassy Lu said...

LOVE IT!!!! You did an incredible job as always :) YAY for your new bigger room!!! And I love your hen right where she sits :) Miss you!

Deanna said...

So many stamp sets!!! And ribbons!!! And.... everything! It is amazing how your work box organizes things. Well, you organize it, but you know what I mean... LOVE IT!

April said...

WOW, say I'm impressed is an understatement! Looks fantastic!

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! I have never seen such a beautiful room!!!!! That is a crafters dream.
Love it.

Samantha Elliott said...

OMGoodness. When can I move in? It looks like a crafter's heaven. Wow!!

Paloma said...

WOW! Lots of stuff and you did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing!

Carole Bryson said...

I wanna come and play !!! It looks amazing !

So when are you moving to the UK ?


Neesie said...

Well I was on my way to your WOYWW entry but this post grabbed me.
What an incredible must be thrilled! :D
It's all looking fabulous and so organised...can we all come to craft at your place now??? ;D
Thanks for stopping by earlier and I apologise for being late but then look now I've been able to see this post!
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to.
Neesie #11

Lesley said...

Wow Jeannie, when can you come and organize me?! Fabulous space! Have fun at the ice cream social...that sounds like a blast! Thanks for visiting my new blog...

Darla said...

I am new around your you stamp for a living? You have an awesome room and I will be adding you to my bloglist, don't wanna miss a thing!!

Ann Schach said...

Awesome! I enjoyed the pictorial from chaos to awesomeness!!! You are the organizing Queen!

WhisperingWriter said...

Woohoo, it looks fantastic!!

AliceKay said...

Wow was the first word that came to my mind, too. Wow! LOL

Shoshi said...

Wow! That IS organisation. I dread moving... You have done a superb job. I do hope you get some comeback on the damage that was done, and that all will work OK afterwards.

You'll look back on those photos in years to come and think, "Did I really do all that?" and be amazed and encouraged!!


Rita said...

I have a ways to go before I get to the after but just watching your progression in pictures---ahhh! I know how it feels to finally get done...and finding yourself going back several times a day to just stand there gazing upon the finished product...and smiling. :)

Li'l Pidge said...

Terrible that they damaged some of your kit, but LOVE to workbox. I have seen them at shows before but never seen one filled with crafty goodies-the room looks awesome.

Thanks for visiting my desk on WOYWW.


Christine said...

What a great looking room. I'm one of those that gets all organized then start a huge project and then I'm disorganized again. Your room looks like it has great light as well.
Hope you get your compensation for your claim to the military movers. I know how that goes. (husband was Marine Corps and I was Navy). We lost a console TV and part of our china and furniture parts, as in cushions to leather chair in our moves. We never got compensated as they had some idiot reason and it wasn't because it was PBO.
Enjoy Germany. Been there three times to visit, Weisbaden (sp) and Frankfurt while my son in law was stationed there.

Jackie said...

Jeanne, really appreciated your comments on the SC "Frankly, I don't get it" thread. You rock lady!

Yvonne Heine said...

Wow, this room is a dream! I really want a scrapbox, but they don't ship them to Germany :-(

Have a great week!


Christina said...

Your new room is lovely! You are organizer extreme! I need to take some lessons from you! So glad the damage was not as bad as I thought it was in my head. And I agree love my craft stuff hate moving it. UGH!

Gail said...

I just hopped right over here from Stampin Up Addicts on facebook!
Always looking for better solutions to be organized!
wonderful room you have!