Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bella's Birthday

For the first time ever, Bella didn't have a birthday party. With the busyness of the move, there just wasn't time to plan one, and the people we knew here all had plans on her birthday. So....I racked my brain and came up with an IKEA trip instead! What could be more perfect for an 8 year old? Or her Mommy that wants some cool stuff to decorate the new house with? You know...Win/Win!

In an attempt to make this trip more palatable for her. We let her open one present first thing when she woke up. (Mommy picked which one though!)
Here she is, thanking God I let her live to be 8.

Bella is one of those "opens presents slowly" people!

What did she get?

Two new DS games!! Yay!
Perfect for the drive today - good planning Mommy!

Bella went to IKEA because she had no choice.
Mommy went to IKEA to shop.
Thomas went to IKEA for the food, lol!

The store in Nuremberg is GI-NORMOUS!!!

And the Swedish meatballs were pretty fab!

Thomas & Bella had dessert, but I was stuffed.

Naturally Bella wanted to open presents the second we got home!

Big jar of bubble wands and bubbles.

Bella got all three sets of SU cookie stamps!

She got her own loom!

And was very excited about it!

Favorite present - Pony Train!
(She only asked for this about 7 billion times!!!)

Bella and her haul!

I had planned to make Devil's food cupcakes, but Bella saw this ugly thing at the Commissary and insisted. Whatever - I'll make cupcakes later!

Happy Birthday Bella!!
My this be your best year ever!
(And possibly the one where you learn to chew with your mouth closed, maybe?)


Cassie said...

Jeannie your posts always make me smile. Happy birthday to sweet Bella! Glad you guys are getting settled in :)

ChicagoLady said...

Happy Birthday, Bella! Quite the load again, lol.

April said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Bella! 8 years old just doesn't seem possible!

Rita said...

Happy birthday to Bella! A loom--how cool is that? Quite a haul. :)

I'm wondering what mom found at IKEA?

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday, Bella! Looks like an absolutely fantastic way to spend a birthday. :)

Mary Cooper said...

Happy birthday to Bella! She looks like one happy girl! (and I'm sure mom is happy for the trip to Ikea!)

joe tacoma said...

"Here she is, thanking God I let her live to be 8"


Christina said...

LOL I say that every year to my kids I didn't kill you this year maybe next year? (So close with my 13 year old right now)..Happy Belated birthday Bella! I hope you enjoyed your(aka mommy's) trip to Ikea where I agree food is yummers!

Intense Guy said...

Gotta love that Bella smile!