Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Post-It Note Tuesday!

Want to see the new place??
Of course you do!
 Back Yard view

 Side View

 Kitchen/Dining room
Opposite of room is open for table, etc.

 Full bath with tub.
Master bath has a full bath with shower stall.

 One of two "smaller" bedrooms.
And a lot larger than our current "master" bedroom!

This is a dulplex, so only one side will be ours.
 Finished basement
Laundry room with lots of storage, and two separate large storage rooms. I think the largest (on top) will be the new Stamping Studio!! Depends on how much light there is.

 First Floor
Kitchen/Dining with front entrance, side entrance with closet and 1/2 bath, stairwell, large livingroom, door to patio and back yard.

 2nd Floor
Master bedroom with closet and full bath, 2nd full bath and stairwell, 2 equal bedrooms. I believe the 2 bedrooms have slanted walls due to the gables.

Our new home is government leased and located in the town of Kemnath, Germany!
Click to enlarge
Arrow shows where the houses are!

We also have our new mailing address if anyone (everyone, right??) wants it! I know you are all just ITCHING to send me cards and letters! :D

So. Stinkin'. Excited!!!


Eliza said...

I would be excited too, what a fantastic house and so much room, love the kitchen so spacious. So get your priorities right where is your craft room?


Mary said...

Sweet! The house looks nice, and so much storage space in the bedrooms!

Rita said...

Even if there isn't much light downstairs, you could always buy some good lamps and shine the place up like a beacon!

Yes. Send me your new address, please. :)

How exciting! I wonder what all that empty space is across the road from your place in town? Nice to get floor plans and everything, too. So much more room, too! Can hardly wait to see pictures after you are settled in! :)

Emily said...

Consider the guest room booked...

So excited that you have your new house and address. Parcels can start winging their way to you again soon... That means WINE GUMS lol.

Bloggy Hugs

Deanna said...

This is so exciting. Double the space? Wow! I'd be freaking out. Will get your new address from you.... just email it to me? OK?

KatCollects said...

It's so pretty! You gotta love a new home : ) I am so happy for you Sweetie. YES, please email me your mailing address. I am wayyyyyyy past due on mailing you something from long ago. Thank you so much for all the beautiful cards and emails of support. I am wishing you smooth sailing to your new home, and tons of smiles and good memories made there. Big hugs,

AliceKay said...

Wow! What a great looking house! Looks like you'll have lots of room for yourselves. :)

Yes, please email me your new address when you get a chance. 14 days, eh? (or is that 13 days now? lol)

Kathy Skinner (Kat) said...

Now that's a house!!! Looks like it will be a good move. Good luck!

Toriz said...

Your new place sounds great!

I'll be wanting the new address if you don't mind... Then future cards wont go to the old place after you move; I wouldn't want you to miss getting cards from me!

Christina said...

Of course I want the new address! I saw that tub and teared I miss those things. and the roll down shutters ..perfect for zombie apocalypse. Wonder if I can special order them here? HMMMM can't wait to see thew finished house pictures.

Intense Guy said...

I hope the move/trip is going smoothly because.. well.. it's today!

:) I wanna address....