Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MORE Good Mail!

I received yet another goodie box from Emily! Actually, I received THREE packages from her yesterday!! None were mailed together, but the way our mail moves (or doesn't as the case may be), things can sometimes come in bursts like that. I'm just so happy to get them before we moved!!

Here's what I got!:
I've never had these before, but they're "nice 'n spicy" so they must be good, right??

Why can't the US make chips (crisps) like this?? I've had these before and they're awesome!

SKIPS!!! Only one bag, *sad face*, but how lovely anyway!! Very yummy!

And FRAZZLES!! I did get two bags, but yeah, one is wayyy gone already! These are sort of in between a cracker and a chip. And although superb, not bacon flavored as we in the US know this flavor. It's basically just heaven in a bag!

Em had brought over the pickled onion flavor when she visited in February. Yes, pickled onion! Sounds horrid, I know!! And I didn't even want to try it! Shame on me because they were fab!!!! When watching 'An Idiot Abroad', (you simply MUST watch this UK show!!!!), it showed the "idiot" eating the roast beef flavor. Roast beef??? Em's been holding out on me!!! Which has now been rectified - thank you! I'll let you know how they are shortly, lol!

In honor of the Queen's Jubliee, we have Union Jack M&M's!!!! I'm so keeping the bag, lol! Perhaps for my SMASH book??? Ohhhh, there's a thought...keeping wrappers for an English Goodies Book....hmmm.....

I'd never had jelly babies before either, so that got added to the shopping list!

DOLLY MIX!!!! These are melt-in-your-mouth yumminess!! LOVE THESE THINGS!!

And Tooty Frooties!! Kind of candy coated star burst thingeys. Sort of. Only way better!

My beloved WINE GUMS!!! Em asked if it was OK to to remove the bag from the cardboard box it came in, in order to fit more goodies into the box she was sending me! DUH - heck yeah!!! And yes, they're opened. I love these things as much as stamping stuff. Seriously!!!

Bounty bars in milk AND dark chocolate!!! I think Thomas wants one. Too bad for him!

JAFFA CAKES!!! These are just so, so, so awesome! Part cake, part waffer, part cookie - 100% incredible party-in-your-mouth!!!! Hint of chocolate and orange, just crazy good!!! No, I won't share!

More candies! I haven't had any of these before, but I'm told they are very lovely!!

And yes, I got some crafting goodies too:
Some fairy die cuts (CUTE!), flowers & embellishments and some paper.

Flower stamens and metal charms!

Stinkeriffic reindeer moss! Em, said they were stinky, and she wasn't lying, lol!

It's really cool looking though, so I'm going to wrap it up in a perfumed dryer sheet and see if I can de-stinkify it, lol!

Stamps! I love freebies!!!

And free paper!

And more free stamps!

And more free paper!

And even MORE free paper!

And more...


And I got three awesome magazines:

A new Magnolia stamp!! I'd never even SEEN this one!! And it's mine - ALL MINE!! LOL!!!

And last, but not least!:
This gorgeous handmade card!! Don't you love it?!?! Gorgeousness! Thank you so much Emily!!!

The other package to finally, finally, finally arrive was the replacement dies from Stampin Up. My original set was bent in shipment. Really looking forward to trying them out!
Apothocary Framelits in new catty!

A couple of weeks ago I got this set from There She Goes Stamps:
Don't you love it???

I have many, many ideas for this set (and people to send them to, lol!), but the first thing I made was this sign:

Close Up View

I made this for Emily to hang in her stamping studio! She's seen it on Skype and it will be going out in the mail soon!! Thank you for yet another glorious box, Em!!!! Can't wait to move....and get MORE STUFF, lol!!! Everyone should have their very own Emily....but you can't have mine!


Paloma said...

That's not just good mail! It's AWESOME MAIL!

Very cool!


Christina said...

You had an incredible mail day! Only fun stuff I have gotten recently was my sons grad announcements I ordered on snapfish LOL. And I did mail you one of those. I love the portabello papers and the Jubilee m&ms! How cute are they?

SueAnn Lommler said...

That is one awesome goody box!!!!

2busy said...

What an awesome goody box! How do I sign up to get one like that?


Garden of Egan said...

You totally made out like a bandit!
What a sweet friend!
I love the donkey stamp. Hilarious!

AliceKay said...

WOW!!!!! :)

That donkey stamp is adorable, by the way.

Rita said...

What a huge goodie box! I have to admit that I'd probably pass on almost all of the chips and candy, but glad you love them.

Lot of cool crafty stuff to play with!! Whoohoo! She's a great friend to you. :):) Enjoy!

Deanna said...

Wow! That was a lot of goodness in a box! Awsome stuff. Those donkey stamps are cool!

Mary said...


Heatherlyn said...

Wow! That's a ton of great mail. I'm stuck on the roasted chicken flavored chips. That just seems wrong to me. :P