Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Mail & Newest Cards!

This is going to be a longggg, photo heavy post! 
You've been warned, lol! 

Ugh - desk got worse before it got better!

Finishing up the last of the flower pot cards.

Mess spilled over to my table too!
Notice that box on the left?? IT'S FROM EMILY!!!

I was so happy to receive my newest Magnolia order...until I opened it and only found ONE stamp, when I had ordered and paid for TWO!!! One was for me and one for Em. So ticked off!!! Every time, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, I order from Simon Says Stamp I have some kind of issue. Hate that company!!! I think this will be the very last time they get my business. *cuss words!*

Anyway, back to the box from Emily! You'll notice up above that the box is overflowing! I am pretty handy with filling up a box myself, but I literally could not fit all the stuff back into it once I had opened it!! Well done and THANK YOU, Emily!!
First off, the "sweeties":
The English call all candy, "sweeties"!! Isn't that darling??? AND I GOT SOME MORE WINE GUMS!!! These are the most fantastic invention of all time!!! LOVE THEM!!! The rest is all lovely too, but wine gums?? Just the bomb!! Did I mention I loved them?? I'd marry them if I could, lol! You can't really tell, but I've already eaten one of the four rolls in the package. Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

Now on the the crafting goodies:
I got five sheets of this croco-embossed paper!! Isn't it fab??? IF I can manage to cut into it, it's going to become the most incredible paper purses. That's a big IF though, lol!
Close Up View

This is a roll of icicle sticker sheet!

 This "rope" will be perfect for the MANY nautical cards I'm going to be making!

Gorgeous paper doilies!!

 "Peel Offs" are pretty much in disdain in England. BUT they are very hard to find for us, so very desirable!! And I've got TWO sheets!!!! Yippee!!!!
 Close Up View

Some yummy hand made papers.

Thin wire wrapped hearts - so cute!

More hand made papers!

Glitter paper!

Textured tissue paper!

FUN nautical inspired emellishments!

Close Up View

African themed embellishments

Super cute embellishments!!

"angel hair" paper!! I need more - this stuff ROCKS!

Some pink 6x6 papers

Metal charms

Pretty flowers with beaded centers

Baby clip art

Glorious metallic tassels, which were completely tangled in...

...glorious beaded wires!!
These are so delicious!!! LOVE 'EM!!

Ribbons, of course! LOVE the tea one!

Packet of sequins

Gorgeous wooden embellishments!
NEED more of these flowerpots!! LOVE!!!!

Super cute watering cans!

To-Die-For Fairy tags!!!

Tool buttons!! Darling!

A new scarf!!! Ohmygosh, this is so awesome!!
You can see the other one I wore in Venice - also from Em!
They are SO stylish and SO warm!!!
Everyone wants to be us!! :D

We also got this travel guide!
Thomas must have opened & closed this a million times, lol!
It's so cool and so handy!!

All this wonderful stuff in that one small box!! Is Emily a gem or what?!?! I'm just so glad I "stole" you from she who-shall-not-be-named!! (*waves* to Sandra!!!) Thanks again so much, Emily!!! You're the bestest!

I finished the other three flower pot cards, and they will be mailed out tomorrow morning. Bella has a half day of school, but Thomas is off. So we'll head to post, do some quick errands and have a lovely cappuchino togeher! Oh cards....

This one uses the brand new Floral District DSP!

This one has the yummy Summer Smooches collection!

This one has the Attic Boutique DSP.
These were really fun cards to make!!

In my April collection of swap cards, I got this:
For the golfer in your life!
Isn't it fabby?? I'll share a link later of the creator!


kassa said...

Hi Jeannie hon, fab tidy craft space, yep you can't fit all the goodies back into that box. Love your flower pot cards, I will be trying out that look. And winegums come in 'sour' flavour too [I have not tried them, just spied them]

Erika said...

Hi Jeannie that's quite a box full you got there. All my boys including hubby love Maynards wine gums...we always get a big box of them.
Love your cards too.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy all your sweeties.
Hugs Erika. #90

Mary said...

I want an Emily, too! :)
Wine gums? How did I miss that when we were in London???
So many beautiful goodies! She did good! :D

Mary Cavalier said...

All I can say is - IF you think your desk and table are a mess, you should see my whole room! I have to clean it up tonight as it is also our spare bedroom and we are having an out of town guest this weekend.

2busy said...

You make me want to craft and make cards again.

Catherine said...

I love getting boxes!! And the floral cards are ah-mazing! You, ma'am, are a true talent. :)

WhisperingWriter said...

You have nice stuff.

I have never heard of wine gums before.

Toriz said...

Someone got spoiled! ;)

Emily said...

The Emily is available and can easily be bribed with bags of Candy Corn, Lifesavers (esp Butterrum) and Circus Peanuts!!!

Glad you enjoyed all your goodies hun and THANK YOU for the lovely box which arrived today.

Bloggy Hugs

Barb King said...

Wow, you got lots of fun stuff! I love the flower pot cards, those are really clever. Thanks for stopping by my blog. barb

Lisa Richards said...

WOW! You are quite busy! Have fun with all of your goodies and enjoy WOYWW!
Thanks for visiting my desk!

Twiglet said...

Wow - what a fab post - crammed with gorgeous goodies and stunning cards. x Jo

toni said...

Hi queenie I really enjoyed reading your post everything looks really orderly in your workspace i 've looked and i can't see a mess ! Love your flower cards, very neat and pretty. thanks for the nice message you left me oh and I love wine gums too but only maynards brand after much sampling i've decided they're the best. X toni 71

Suzanne said...

Great post - loved all the pics, my favourite sort of post. #59

trisha too said...

What a fun post, so many great things!! It's always inspiring to get a box of goodies.


Rita said...

Glad you warned about Simon Says Stamp. I've never ordered from them and won't.

What a tremendous box of goodies from a dear friend!!! Awesome! Enjoy! :):)

Shoshi said...

Wow Jeannie - awesome stash! What fun you are going to have with all that. And I adore the golfing card - that is sooo imaginative, with the fabby shoes and the golfer's eye view! Brilliant.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, and for your anniversary greetings - we had a lovely day. Glad you liked the card I made for my hubby.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #133

Paloma said...

Loved this post! And you are soooo talented! Beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing! ;) Have a great weekend!

Anne said...

Love the flower pot cards you have made. Winw gums are a favourite of mine as well. Trouble is can't eat just one!!!! Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom said...

Wow!!! So many goodies!!!

I love, love, love the scarf! Awesomeness.

Wishing you a delightful weekend.

AliceKay said...

Way cool stuff from your friend, Emily. Imagine the things you can do with it all. :)

Love the "Thoughts of You" cards. I love the colors of your first one in the group. Very nice!

Whimcees said...


You have a great work area! Lovely! You certainly did win the lottery with all of those goodies! So much inspiration and possibilities! Love your cards - they are beautiful! Wishing you a happy weekend!


Barbara Diane

Ali said...

Wow, what a bumper collection of goodies you got! How lovely!

Btw, mess? What mess?! You should see my room! :lol: Oh wait, you have cos you commented on my post. ;)

P.S. Love the Attic Boutique papers... have got some of those waiting to be played with.

Ali #84

Ann Schach said...

Wine gum??? That sounds fabulous! What awesome goodies! And your flower pot cards are absolutely stunning! Great job!

SueH said...

That’s one tidy desk Jeannie but I bet it didn’t say that way for long once you started to unpack all those lovely goodies from that box. ………you’re going to have so much fun playing with that little lot!
Thanks for stopping by this week and………

Happy Crafting!
PS. Hope you safe after all the earthquakes.

Christina said...

Uber super fabby stuff! I am digging the golf card! Digging the golf card. Make a great fathers day card for the pops!