Monday, April 2, 2012

Trip to Portofino - Part 2

Welcome back! We'll continue on with Part 2 of our trip! We pick up as we were walking down the steep trail from the church and castle. Who knew going down would prove as tricky as walking up??? LOL
All you need meerkats???
There were tons of lemon and oranges trees!
After WWII, Portofino became a very attractive spot for the rich and famous. And still is today!
We used the red trail.....owie, lol!
Bella was being fussy so I told her I was taking a photo...only she changed her mind!
Sophia Loren
Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Fisher
I guess Richard Burton stayed in Rome...this time!
Jayne Mansfield
Clark Gable
A dolphin!
The church in the background will be shown in the next post!
Lace shop where I got my sunflower table topper!
This family has been making lace for generations!
I had vegetable soup. This is the very first time I've had an Italian dish, and hated it! Really not nice at all even though it looks pretty!
Luckily Bella had lasagna and it was way too much for her, so we shared it! Thomas had pizza. Afterwards we had cappucinos and they were fabulous!!!
Remember this cat? It must have followed us down, because he showed up after lunch!
Stay tuned! Part 3 is coming up tomorrow!


SueAnn said...

Oh my! So beautiful! And all those calves are aching just looking at them. Wow!
It is gorgeous though!!
Thanks so much for sharing your trip.

Bethanne said...

I have to agree about the calf agony. Wow. You need lots of stamina to visit Portafino, apparently. :D But it's beautiful!! And so worth it, I imagine.

Toriz said...

Fun but exhausting; isn't that the sign of a perfect trip? ;)

Christina said...

You have made me miss Europe so much! All the beautiful wonderful things to do.

Rita said...

Such character! Beautiful! And friendly cats--LOL!

The soup looked yummy. I wonder what made it taste bad?

Intense Guy said...

That looks like a tough climb!!

I love the shots with the wrought iron in them.

WhisperingWriter said...

Pretty!! I said before, I am so jealous of your Italian food.

AliceKay said...

Just breathtakingly beautiful.

Looking forward to Part 3.


So beautiful....loved the picture of Bella and Thomas frowning...too cute. I can't tell you enough how much I love this place. I ate soup in Italy that made me want to gag....ended up sharing some kind of parmesian with Mary.

Heatherlyn said...

First, that is gorgeous. I'd love to go stay there for a week!

Second, that is so typical of kids to want to be miserable as long as it isn't documented for posterity!

Third, I think it is so funny that a cat adopted you for the day!!!