Friday, April 20, 2012

Bella's School Conference

Bella had her 3rd Quarter conferences yesterday! They did something different this year and it was all student led! So when we got to her classroom, Bella showed us all the projects she and her classmates had been working on.

You'll probably remember her biography of Jane Goodall. She even dressed up as her!

Love it!

Bella's class designed their own postage stamps!

This one was Bella's:

A water colored painting:

And Bella's spring poem:

Looks like geography (and spelling!) is something she'll need some more work on! Maybe she'd do better with the European continent???

Bella's Dream Map:

The class's maps:

Rose compasses:

Naturally finding Bella's was easy....just look for PINK!:

Collages of life cycles:
(Bella made the egg carton lady bugs!)

Learning about types of matter:

And The Bella posing:

Her art journal - really fun things inside!!:

Daddy & The Bella 
with her own written & illustrated book, "The Crazy Music Teacher"

I took this photo on Tuesday morning before school:

I simply adore this girl!!

Update photos on "the brood":
Soooo cute and cuddly!!!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Great pics...loved the tour of the school conference. Bella is adorable and daddy is one handsome dude!!

Christina said...

Wow! She's been busy. And that doesn't show me someone who isn't focused sorry....

Toriz said...

I want to go to Bella's school; sounds like they have a lot of fun with their projects!

Grand Pooba said...

I want those kitties! So cute!

It's cool to see what classrooms look like on the other side of the world!

AliceKay said...

I loved the school tour, too. Looks like they're doing lots of things in her class, and she is definitely learning. Love her smile.

Momma and babies seem to be coming along nicely. :) Kittens are so cute and cuddly when they're so little.

Regina said...

WOW..some fun projects have been going on. LOVE all the Bellas work..she does a great job!! She is so adorable and is getting so big.

Ahhh..the kittens are adorable. I hate that our Ms Peaches has no clue that she herself is a cat..probably best though...I could so become a cat lady..hehe


Intense Guy said...

Bella is really growing up fast! I remember her back when she was in diapers... Well, okay, maybe not... but it sure seems like it!