Monday, April 9, 2012

The Bella is Baking!

Bella got her Easy Bake oven for Christmas last year, but dummy Mommy completely spaced the fact that the thing runs on AMERICAN light bulbs. The kind you positively cannot get over here. (dammit!) But luckily the lovely Sue Ann came to our rescue and mailed off a box of 100w bulbs - thank you again!!! We had put her oven in the corner of the "dining room" and promptly forgot about it. But Bella didn't forget....and I relented in using it on Saturday night. Bella had had her bath early and instead of playing, she was BAKING!!
This face? Yeah, pure excitement!

Oven pre-heating and prepping for cake mixing.

Teeny, tiny amount of batter! I remember them being bigger!

But Bella is doing great!

The oven is ready!

Bella slides it in!

Time to whip up the frosting!

And lick the spoon!

Cake is now baked, cooled, and frosted. Time for...


TA DA!!!!! Bella's first cake!

To the victor, the spoils! Totally Bella approved!

Next up? Brownies!!!


Regina said...

Bella is growing...time is flying by!! OMGOSH...I had an easy bake oven and ummm J...I do think the mixes were the same size...we have just grown up..hehe!! Her cake looks delicious. Congrats to the chef on her first cake.


Elaine said...

Jeannie , she is such a lovley little girl, I hope you have all had a nice Easter... and are now recovering from your travels Hugs Elaine
now a note to Bella.
BELLA great work sweetie, I like the photo's Mummy took , you are so clever to bake, well done . I hope you had a nice Easter.
From Elaine

AliceKay said...

Now you're baking, Bella! That cake looks yummy. :p

Christina said...

She made easy bake look good!

Deanna said...

Did Bella share? lol I bet I know the answer to that! I'm so glad she got to bake in her oven. She will have fond memories.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Glad the bulbs did the trick!!! She looks so professional....she could bake at the Ritz!!!
Beautiful cake Bella

Heatherlyn said...

I used to love my easy back oven eons ago! They are wonderful!. I probably should buy one for my girls. I bet they would enjoy it. Bella looks like she is having so much fun!

Intense Guy said...

Mmm... cake...

When will she make donuts?

....homer simpson drool....

LadyStyx said...

Lucky girly! I never had one of those growing up. Don't think I really wanted one, now that I think of it. I was always too busy reading, kinda like I am now.... ^_~