Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turin Trip - Part 2

Yay! You've come back for Part 2 of our tour of Turin! Did you miss Part 1? Then you can go HERE first!

Bell Tower
I have a video to share tomorrow of the bells ringing!

Part of an archaeological dig!

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
This is where the Shroud of Turin is housed

Main Door

Quick video inside the Cathedral.


This is where the shroud is kept. For some reason you can take photographs everywhere except of the box holding the shroud itself. This is as close as I could get.

This is a replica of the Last Supper. The original is in Florence.

It's still quite stunning!

This video was on a loop and I took several photographs.
Pier Girogio Frassati, canonized saint of Turin.

(click to enlarge)

Tombs of clegymen

Amazing!!! They really knew how to build churches in the Middle Ages!!!

Tomorrow will have Part 3, showing photos of part of our walking tour. A beautiful Italian city on a gorgeous, sunny day...what more could you ask for??? Stay tuned!


Emily said...

Stunning pics again hun...

Looks like a fab place to visit.

Bloggy Hugs

April said...

What an amazing adventure, Jeannie! Makes me want to go there NOW!

Christina said...

Love the pictures. I was figuring you couldn't take pictures of the shroud. Too much light or some nonsense like that LOL. Wonderful idea using the video tho. I love old churches as well. They built those things to last! How cool to see a dig going on while you visited. Wonder what they have found?

Rita said...

Wow! What an ornate and elaborate church! I figured you might not be able to see the actual shroud but they had a nice video to watch, at least. Cool! :)

Intense Guy said...

I find discussion of the Shroud to be most interesting.

AliceKay said...

I've always been drawn to stories and photos of the Shroud of Turin. This is a beautiful cathedral. I'm amazed at the architecture back then, and I often wonder how they built such beauty with so little. I wish I could visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I think I'd be awestruck for hours and hours.

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures, Jeannie.