Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This 'n That

Add this to the over ten million reasons of why I hate, despise and loath dogs: People who let their dog(s) poop wherever they feel like it and don't clean up after them!!!! I really want to somehow find these people and pop a squat on their front lawns and see how they like it!! GROSS OUT!!! Bella, who wasn't watching where she was going - as usual - got her right sneaker FULL of dog shit this morning on the way to school. Bad enough that we had to walk all the way back - we were more than halfway there, naturally! - but then had to get all cleaned up again. And it didn't just rinse off. Oh no! I had to get my hands all in it and dig out all the grooves and crevices. The whole time trying not to barf, while hurrying because now we were going to be late. I'm not a morning person anyway, and this really didn't help matters!!!! If you are going to have one of these disgusting brutes, then freakin' clean up after them!!!

*deep breath*

While The Emilys were here, we took a little trip to Camisano. (see map) It's very close to were we live in Vicenza, and they have a lovely Sunday morning market. Even though it's so close, we had never been there ourselves, so this was new for us as well!

Bella & Caiden playing before we left.
Big Hugs!

Carnevale started that week, so all the shops were decorated accordingly!

Market stall

Naturally it started snowing as soon as we started out, and got heavier! It was only the second time this winter it snowed, AND it would have to be during their trip!!! Murphy's Law!

Rather expensive fur hats!

We wound up getting a huge crate of fresh strawberries (HUGE and delicious!!!) and a whopping bag of chestnuts! We "googled" how to cook them in the oven and they were sooooo good! I'm nutz about chestnuts!!!!! Emily picked up some presents for friends and family back home too. I just wish it hadn't been so miserable out that morning!!!

Caiden was having problems sleeping while he was here, so when he was finally asleep we didn't want to wake him up! But we all wanted my yummy popcorn too. A dilemma!! So Thomas held up the air mattress Emily slept on to block out the "popping" noise! Worked like a charm too!!!

More photos of The Emilys coming soon!
("Soon" being relative, of course, lol!!!)


I actually made Valentine cards for Alex & Shane in plenty of time to mail and reach them for the holiday. However making them in time doesn't always mean getting them mailed off in time. *sigh* Best intentions....oops!

This one was for Alex.

This one was for Shane. And it got mailed out yesterday!!! There's no expiration date on love, right???


Bella had her oral presentation report last Friday. Her research report was on Jane Goodall. Everyone got to pick their own person. I'm OK with that, providing it's someone who has contributed in some positive way. I don't feel that celebrities necessarily fall into that category. For example, Selena Gomez? Taylor Swift? Michael Jackson?? LeBron James??? Really? *eye roll* The kids also had to come to school dressed as that person.

Bella on the left, with her "chimpanzee" and binoculars.

She's so cute!!!

And she did a terrific job too! My camera battery was dead, but she was the ONLY ONE to speak clearly. You could understand every word and it was obvious that she was prepared and had no issues with speaking in front of a group! Yay Bella!!!

In other Bella News: She lost TWO teeth last night!! She has had three very wiggly teeth for over a month now and two of them came out for her! The tooth fairy left 3 euros for her as a "bonus", lol! Her top, front two should be next and that is going to look so cute!!! I promise pictures this evening!


Emily said...

mmmmm Chestnuts! Oh and a little kiss from the man on the stall! It was a fab morning if a little cold.

So glad you didn't show the giggling photo of me after we had popped corn lol.

Just how well would popcorn taste after a trip via your postal service?????

Toriz said...

I totally agree about the dog poop. That's why I mostly get someone to come with me; to help with poop cleanup. There's no possible way I can do it when I'm on my own these days, but I try and at least keep him to the side where there's less chance people might step in it, and if someone's with me I have them do it. Also, when I could see I always cleaned the poop from my dogs; even when we had three of them for a bit. It annoys me that people who have no good reason not to pick it up don't do so. This morning, for example, it was lucky Willow wont go if there's no grass about, which meant Kelly went out with her before I was leaving for the dentist. Why lucky? Because someone had let their dog poop right outside our gate!

Anyway, snowy and cold doesn't necessarily make for a bad outing, and everyone seems to have enjoyed, so that's all that matters.

YAY Bella; glad she did well!

Kristina P. said...

I love dogs. It's their sucky, crappy owners who are hte problem. We always pick up after Mr. T.

April said...

I'm not sure I've ever tried a chestnut before...can you believe it? I absolutely HATE going to our local park to find doogie doo all over the trail. What is up with people? Yay for Bella doing so well on her report and for losing two teeth! She sure is growing up!

Teri M said...

Dog poop is just EW, why are people so inconsiderate!

Bella looks so cute, I am glad she did such a great job!!

Deanna said...

There is nothing worse than stepping in dog poop!

It sounds like despite the weather, it was a fun day. Those chestnuts sound so darn yummy. You guys proved the where there is a will, there is a way, theory with that air mattress. lol.

Those Valentines Day cards are precious. You are right, there is no experitation date on love.

Yea Bella all the way around! Looking forward to toothless pictures.

Rita said...

We have the same problem here because they can have dogs in this building. Enough said.

Looks like you guys had fun. That's really crazy holding up the air mattress--LOL! Worked, though.

Bella did well and I loved her costume and who she chose!! :):) Hope the tooth fairy made her visit.

Pretty cards, as usual. Hope you are feeling well and having a good week. :)

ChicagoLady said...

Good for Bella to pick someone who wasn't just a celebrity or entertainer, someone different who actually did something important with their life. I can tell how proud you are!

Sarah-Jane said...

Yay bella for a fab presentation and well done on losing her teeth too, such an exciting time for them, love your valentines creations too ;-)
Hugs xx

AliceKay said...

It's not the dog's fault their owners are inconsiderate. So sorry Bella had the unfortunate accident of stepping in the mess on her way to school. Sounds like she did great on her oral presentation. Can hardly wait to see pics of a smiling toothless Bella. :D

Sounds like you had a great time with your company. Will look for pics when you get the time to post them.

Christina said...

Bella looks so gorgeous! I know post and dogs do not mix well together! I wish we could put your plan in to action LOL. So glad you guys had a fabulous time with Emily!

Heatherlyn said...

Thank you for taking pictures of those hats. It made my night. I would LOVE to see someone wearing one!

Also, I agree that celebrities in the entertainment industry do not qualify as important people.

Mary said...

Irresponsible dog owners really get on my nerves, too.
Yay for Bella on her report! I'm not surprised, after looking at the videos of her...she's definitely a performer!

Lynn said...

UGH on the dog poop story, bless your heart I would have had to just toss those shoes LOL I totally agree with you though. Bella is so cute in her pictures and she is growing up so much. Thats funny about the air mattress blocking the sound of popcorn hehehe

LadyStyx said...

Yay Bella!! Awesome job, girly.

And no, there's no expiration date on love :)

Intense Guy said...

Wahy da gohf belda! (my two teef missin' spellin')

:) Nothing worse that dog poop? Hmmm.. now there's a contest in the making - I'm proposing elefink poop...