Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Menu!

This is what I'll be preparing for The Emilys! I had to make a menu around our excursions, so that I could then make a grocery shopping list. And whew! I'm finally finished with it!!!

Thurs - 9th
Dinner: Twice baked spagetti, mozzerella garlic bread, green beans
Dessert: Chocolate castle cake

Fri - 10th - Verona Day Trip
Breakfast: French toast & bacon
Lunch: eat in Verona
Dinner: Montreal steak kabobs, ranch & bacon pasta salad, corn
Dessert: Chocolate castle cake

Sat - 11th - "Thanksgiving"
Breakfast: Monkey bread
Lunch: cold cut sandwiches & chips
Dinner: Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, olives & pickles, deviled eggs, corn, rolls
Dessert: Pumpkin pie w/ cool whip

Sun - 12th - Camisano Market Trip
Breakfast: Grand iced cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Chicken wings & deluxe nachos
Dinner: White turkey chili, cheddar garlic biscuits
Dessert: Brownies

Mon - 13th - Venice Day Trip
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & bacon
Lunch: Eat in Venice
Dinner: Beef roast with potatoes & carrots in the crockpot, gravy, baked mac & cheese
Dessert: Bundt cake

Tue - 14th - Valentine's Day - Out to local markets
Breakfast: Cereal, toast/bagels
Lunch: Turkey & shrimp gumbo, biscuits
Dinner: Italian meatballs, fettecine alfredo, green beans
Dessert: Italian Tarts

Wed - 15th - Out to local mall
Breakfast: Cereal, toast/bagels
Lunch: Italian soup and breadsticks, Italian pizza
Dinner: Brazilian restaurant (AKA MEAT FEST!!!)
Dessert: Crescent roll smores

Thurs - 16th - The Emilys leave *sad face*
Breakfast: Belgian waffles topped with strawberries & cool whip
Lunch: Dirty rice


SueAnn said...

Wow! Ambitious menu and it all sounds so yummy!! I think I will invite myself over! Ha

Emily said...

The Emily's are mighty happy with all things on the menu!!!

Only 2 more sleeps to go.

As a hostess you are going to take some beating when you guys come over here.

All I need to do is win the lottery and buy Highclere....

Now where did I put the ticket? lol

April said...

WOW! I don't think The Emilys will ever want to leave! I sure wouldn't blame them!

Christina said...

SO happy you are getting real face time with your pal. Enjoy it!

Teri M said...

One thing is for sure, they will not go hungry! YUM!

Intense Guy said...

Wow... that's a great menu!!

Make extra Monkey Bread...

Rita said...

Wow! That's a lot of cooking and baking. Sounds delicious! But what is Monkey Bread? I will have to google that one. ;)

Toriz said...

Impressive menu! The Emily's aren't going to want to leave, LOL!

AliceKay said...

I'm hungry now. LOL

Looks like a lot of great food will be served when the Emilys come to visit. :)

AliceKay said...

The grocery store where we shop stocks a new Monkey Bread now. It's in the frozen foods department and takes only a couple of minutes to heat up in the microwave. It's really good! Nice treat once in awhile.

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

I was thinking... I'd love to know about crescent roll s'mores. I resllyo can't believe I have made it so long in life without knowing of such!! ...And I thought I was cool making microwave s'mores in college... Geez.

Sounds like you ladies are going to be eating and shopping well!! Enjoy!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Oooo..yum. That all sounds amazing.

Mary said...

What is this Chocolate Castle Cake? I'm intrigued!