Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Post-It Note Tuesday


That crazy cat has been missing for just over two months, since we left for Paris, but then first thing Sunday morning I heard a meow at the back door. As I was walking toward it, I heard the familiar scratching!! Could it be??? Sure enough, I opened the door and in she races - we couldn't believe it! She headed upstairs (under my bed!) and didn't want to be bothered most of the day. Then she did come out and she was purring like crazy. She let Bella AND Thomas pet her even!!

Look at that smile!!
I was just as thrilled - believe me!

Lots of lovin' for our Kitty!

Awww!!! So cute together!

Sniffin the air

I put my vanity table bench under my desk to support my bum knee (works like a charm!) and that's where Minnie hangs out now. I even moved the stack of paper off of "her" rocking chair, but so far she's not interested in it anymore. She prefers to sleep at my feet! She's sooo cuddley and affectionate now!!! No clue where's she been, but she's in perfect shape. Not skinny or scrawny, fur still soft and luxurious as always! I don't care - SHE'S HOME!!!!!

And Thomas is just so pleased. yay.


Mary said...

I figured out the post its, but I don't think I'm using the same person you do!
Yay for Minnie coming home!
They've just aired the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Downton Abbey...LOVE that show! One of the nightly news shows did a piece on it; apparently it's all the rage in the States...I thought I was on my own with finding it/liking it, but I guess not!

April said...

You sure have been keeping busy! Don't you ever say that you'll never win any challenges...you're very talented and your day WILL come! Gotta have FAITH! So happy to hear your fur baby is HOME!

SueAnn said...

Woot! Glad Minnie is home! That is super!! No job yet? Bummer!! Fingers crossed for this week!!
You work like I do..more is better!!

Toriz said...

That's great news about Minnie coming home!

Deanna said...

Yay! Minnie is home! Bella looks so happy!

You WILL win challenges - there is no way that you won't! Your cards are awesome.

Teri M said...

Retail therapy is VERY theraputic!

Love the pictures of Bella and the kitty!!!!

Kristina P. said...

Yay for Minnie! I need to start watching Downtown Abbey. Everyone raves about it!

Garden of Egan said...

That is so cool! We had a cat missing for three weeks and was so happy when she came home!

Awesome with the cards! You may win some challenges.

Intense Guy said...

I guess Thomas will have to play another round of "Hide the Cat" and this time... drive much further away...

AliceKay said...

It sounds like maybe someone was keeping Minnie inside for awhile. I'm glad she found her way back home...healthy and happy.

I hope you hear some good news on the Thomas job hunt soon.

Rita said...

OMG!! Minnie is home!! Somebody must have had her inside and was taking care of her for her to look so good! So happy she is home!!!! :):)

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad Minnie found her way home. Safe and sound where she belongs.