Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florence Trip - Part 2

Carousel - directly across from the Savoy Hotel

His music was really wonderful!

Bella eating her 7 euro ($10) ice cream!!
(But it kept her agreeable, lol!)
Thomas and Bella doing their "zombie faces".

Even the ticket booth was pretty!
Waiting for it to stop, for Bella to get on.

The Savoy Hotel

Named after Bella??

LOVE these python pumps!!!
(About the only thing snakes are good for!)

One of the prettiest buildings I saw!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the design!!
Another section of outdoor markets!
AND see that guy in the lower left? ROASTED CHESTNUTS!!
(I got two bags, and ate most of them myself!)

It's a tradition to rub the nose of the pig for good luck! Hey, the bull in Milan worked, so why not??? Bella getting her luck on.

Then Thomas' turn!

"Mini" David
(Equally impressive though!)

Bella did NOT like The David.
(His "pee pee" was hanging out and that made her very uncomfortable!)

Poseidon fountain

The carriage rides were 50 euros, so we didn't take one this time.
But it really looked like a lovely idea!

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Rita said...

Wow! Statues everywhere you turn. And a lo of "pee pee"s were out--LOL!

Looked like not too many people wanted to spend the 50E for the carriage rides.

On to part 3...

AliceKay said...

*nods at Rita* LOL There sure were a lot of naked people running around when they modeled for those statues. ;)

P.S. I don't blame Bella one bit.

Mary said...

I don't blame Bella, either. And, if that was a "mini" David, I can't imagine what the full scale looked like!
Incredible architecture!

SueAnn said...

Ha! Bet she was uncomfortable with many of those fabulous sculptures!!
David is amazing!! They all are. Love the Poseidon Fountain! Wow!! Gosh!! What a fabulous trip you were on!! I sure wish I could have gone with you!!

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad the "pee-pee" was allowed to hang out. In this country the PC-Police would have someone go around and either hack them off - or cover them over regardless of the fact these are priceless-irreplaceable art.