Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week's Recap!

Bella and her classmates have been working on some Christmas songs recently! They not only sing the songs, they also sign the songs!!! Her teacher Ms. Downey teaches them many things in sign language and Bella has been picking it up quite enthusiastically! Her class was invited to sing, and sign, during our tree lighting ceremony on post this past Friday!

Bella was in the front row, and had her own microphone!!! No stage fright, and she was sooooo getting into each and every song! There was a post photographer zooming in on all her deliciousness, as well as the AFN cameraman. So - we shall be looking for our Bellaboo in the post newspaper next Thursday and on AFN TV!!!
The whole class did a wonderful job!

There were also some crafts for sale and rides set up. I really need to find out the schedule of events on post, and see about selling my papercrafts there, because I think I could do pretty well!!!
Bella is driving!

Climbing in the huge bouncy, play place!

Thomas was gone all last week in Bolzano, Italy for a field exercise. He took over 200 photos and videos, and I snatched a couple to show you. Although it looks really pretty, it also looks very cold!
Are you cold Thomas???

Yep! He's cold!!

Gear all packed, ready for the march!

This exercise was taught and led by an Italian unit.

Steep mountains

There's no map posted!

Finally, at the top!

The whole {motley} gang

Coming back down

VERY narrow trail

All done!

Italian signal/communications setup

Thomas does his Darth Vader impersonation!

Silent signals used in attack formations

Downtown Bolzano on their last night:
I'm looking forward to going to Innsbruck, Austria on the 17th to visit a Christmas market myself!!
A castle seen in the distance on the drive back.

And me? All I did was housework and stress out about bugs! Here's to hoping the upcoming week is a lot more fun for the Queen!!!!


Garden of Egan said...

Well, the queen needs a better week. But after seeing the trail they walked, I'm not so sure that I'd want to be on that either.
Looks like some serious fun.

Bella driving........that's not funny.
It'll happen sooner that you're ready for!

SueAnn said...

Wow! Great pics of your hubby!! What beautiful scenery!!!
And Bella looks adorable! She looks so sure of herself! Good for her...girl power for sure!


Loved all the Bella singing pictures. You know I love seeing kids sing...and to be signing too is awesome. The pictures of Thomas's trip were amazing....but made me very very cold. Have a wonderful week my friend.

Nikki Bond said...

What wonderful photos...your daughters concert sounds like it was a great success! Love the field photos too....such beautiful landscape. I always feel so bad for the guys when their out in this cold weather! :)


Rita said...

Bella did a great job! And had a lot of fun, too. Was nice to see something of what your hubby is up to. That trail looks precarious, but the scenery looks beautiful and it looked cold! Have a great Sunday! :)

Regina said...

Bella is learning so much and making so many wonderful memories!! She is growing too..such a beauty!!

You should find out about events..your paper crafts would sell really well!! Loved the set up they had for the kiddos. Is Bella thinking of becoming a NASCAR driver? Poor baby just keeping turning LEFT..hehe!!

What a beautiful landscape for a hike..LOL!! Ya'll are in such a beautiful place. Tell Thomas thank you for taking pics to share.

I do believe that you have earned a very long Christmas market adventure. This week will be a better one...sending thoughts of such for you anyways!


Christina said...

OK bugs made my skin scrawl i am with you there girl. You can tell Bella may be later then she wanted but she's finally gonna be on TV! How awesome for you guys. Now go make Thomas come hot chocolate he looked cold.

Toriz said...

That's awesome that the children are being taught to sign the songs too!

Our tree lighting ceremony was Friday as well; it wasn't as fancy as yours though.

AliceKay said...

Yay to Bella and her class for singing and signing the songs at the tree lighting ceremony. That's a great shot of Bella at the microphone.

She looks like she's having a lot of fun on the rides. I love to hear kids laughing and having fun.

What awesome shots from Thomas' exercise. I don't think I'd want to go on that trek, but the scenery is awesome.

I hope this coming week is a better week for you. *hugs*

April said...

Yay for Bella...she's going to be a star, I just know it! Oh, that scenery is absolutely stunning! I have got to visit Italy one day soon!

Deanna said...

I'm so glad the bug alert is behind you and all is well.

The post definitely knows how to do Christmas for the kids. What fun! Bella is as cute as ever.

Thomas' trek look brrrrrrrr cold! But what beautiful scenery!

Intense Guy said...

Both Bella and Thomas look like they had a blast!!

Yes, this week is your turn!!

Heatherlyn said...

I love the castle! I love that he took so many pictures. It's about as close as I'm going to get to some of these places and they are so beautiful and interesting.

Bella is still a doll!

I bet if you sold your things consistently and people knew they were there that you would do very well. Your stuff is way cute!