Friday, December 30, 2011

Nobody Likes a Tattle-Tale!

Last year Bella had some run-ins with other kids in her class who were either bugging her or in one case, bullying her. She would come home and tell me about the things these other kids were saying or doing to her. I would always ask if she had told the teacher what was going on. In every instance, she said no, "because no one likes a tattle-tale!"

So we had many long discussions about what a tattle-tale was, and wasn't. Telling a teacher that someone is hurting you, or hurting themselves, or doing something dangerous, is a good thing! A teacher can't be everywhere all the time to see what everyone is doing. She wasn't convinced though.

One day she told me that "Billy" (not his real name) kept sticking his tongue out at her and it was distracting. Again, I asked her if she had told her teacher. No. *sigh* So, I told her the next time he did that to tell him he looked like a cow! Bella thought this was a good idea!

Bet you can guess what happened next, huh?

Yep, Billy started right in on sticking out his tongue, so Bella told him he looked like a cow! And Billy told the teacher that Bella had "called him a name", so Bella got in trouble. This was really upsetting to her because she only did what I told her to, and here she was in hot water. When the teacher told me that Bella had been in trouble that day, I asked her what had happened. She said Bella called Billy a cow. At which point Bella piped right up and said that she didn't say Billy was a cow, but looked like a cow because he kept sticking out his tongue at her! (Ironically, Billy is*husky* and stupid, so it turns out to be a rather accurate observation in the end!) When the teacher asked why she hadn't told her the complete story, she said she wasn't a tattle-tale!

So it would seem that even a child of six knows that being a "tattle-tale" isn't cool. While I do want Bella to speak up when she is being mistreated in any way, I admire her determination to handle situations on her own. There are too many Susie Snotty's running around, all too eager to inform any authority figure who happens to be around, all the details of any given situation! You know the ones...the ones who aren't in any way involved but all too happy to get someone else in trouble! Or the ones who use the threat of "telling" as leverage to get their own way. True tattle-tales!!!

It would appear that some Susie Snotty's never grow up, or grow out of their tattle-telling ways either. These bratty jerks grow up to be even more bratty "adults". Small minded little trolls, who are unable to find happiness in their own lives, find it a pleasurable diversion to attempt to rain on other people's parades. And I have one of my own.

So go ahead Susie....tattle away! This is my blog. And I'll run it my way! And nothing you do, or say, or tattle about, is going to change those facts!! I'm not hurting you, or your "business", or the company. So how about you just mind your own business??? And if I make a purchase, and I want to share it with my blog readers, it's none of your business, or anyone else's. Got it?? You don't pay my bills, and you don't get a say! Why don't you just run your own race, instead of running around like a fool trying to supervise everyone else? You could make that your #1 New Year's resolution...just a suggestion!


Deanna said...

So take that, Susie Snotty!

Bella is right, nobody likes a tattle tale, but she can take a lesson from you that it is right to stand up for yourself. That includes calling someone out when they are wrong - even if it means calling them out to the teacher.

Don't know what "susie" said or did, but hopefully she will mind her own business from now on!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Amen, Deanna!! I just sent you an BCC email, as this kinda-sorta, maybe (?) involves you too. Some people's children....*shakes head*...


I am with the rest of the comments....take that Susie. I am proud to see that Bella understands what tattling prouder still that she fought her own battle. I loved your response though about the cow....that was too cute. Happy New Year my friend.

Intense Guy said...

There are too many busy bodies running around sticking their noses in other people's business...


I don't want any Susie snot. Heck, did you know the human being can make 4-5 liters of mucus in a day when they are sick? That's a lot of snot. Snot funny either.

Rita said...

I guess I was never a tattle tale, either. I tend to just plain ignore things like the tongue, name calling, and other mindless trivial stuff. They just do it to get a rise out of you. No reaction--gets boring--they quit.

But if there was something dangerous involved...I wasn't one to run and tell. Sadly, I'm usually one of those stupidly naive people who just steps right in to protect whoever needs protecting. Lucky I was never killed. LOL! ;)

Emily said...


just read your email hun and am in absolute disgust that someone can be soooo petty aswell as in awe that someone has so much free time on their hands that they can police peoples personal blogs!!

Give 'em hell hun!

Bloggy hugs

Catherine said...

Jeannie: 1
Susie Troll: 0

Mary said...

I definitely didn't see the post ending that way! So sorry someone is being snotty to you. It IS your blog, and you should feel free to say whatever you want. Wonder if Suzie Snotty read this post?

Reality Jayne said...

Dear Queen....I hate tattle tale tots, as well....and yes... they usually grow up to be self entitled grown up brats.

AliceKay said...

Way to go, Bella. I think you taught her well, Jeannie. And to your "Susie", I hope she doesn't give you anymore trouble.

LOL @ Iggy. Leave it to Iggy. LOL

Garden of Egan said...

That is unbelievable.
Just so you know, your cards are beautiful and you do a great good for them.

SueAnn said...

Ha! And I know she knows who you are talking about too!! Amen sistah!!

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

Ha! Some people never learn do they. Oh well, gives the rest of us something to talk about doesn't it.

I was in the same graduate program as this snotty little hag from St. Louis. She was always up to something. My husband (then my boyfriend) used to always say "Don't worry her. She doesn't make our house payment." He's right but man it's hard to deal with those types!

I'm glad that you called this chick out...even though you allowed her to save face. Some folks take quite some time to learn their life lessons.

LadyStyx said...

*shakes head*
Some people just never grow up, do they. Good for you for standing up against a Snotty!

Sasha said...

I've grown tired of teachers and staff telling children nobody likes a tattle tale when they are being bullied.