Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Stuff!

I thought we were having our Trick-or-Treating on Friday, the 28th, so we carved our pumpkin the afternoon before. Turns out we actually went out on Halloween, the 31st. Oh well! Thomas was in Germany on TDY so didn't get to help us. So we took pictures and video for him....and you too!

Bella HATES getting her hands dirty, lol!

The directions said to cut the pattern as necessary to lay flat.
This really worked!!

No flash, so blurry, but shows the pumpkin glowing!

With flash, no glowing pumpkin, lol!
Love that goofy smile!


Last Sunday, the post had their Halloween Spooktacular and of course we went!! The biggest highlight for Bella had to be the bouncy tent and slide!! Heaven!!!! This year her costume was Princess Jasmine of Aladdin. I know the clock is winding down on her interest in princess it's nice we got another holiday with it.

Waiting in line for the slide.
She cracks herself up!!
Strike a pose...
When was the last time you were this happy???
(I don't remember either!)

They had pumpkins set out with washable markers. Kids would draw on them, and then the volunteer would use a diaper wipe to clean it off for the next child. Pretty smart!
Bella creating her masterpiece!
REALLY concentrating!!!!
TA DA!!!!!!

Now you guys KNOW Bella loves to dance. Anytime, anywhere, to any music. It's all good to her! So when the band started playing, she was all over it. But....she had a sudden fear of dancing in front of everyone. So weird for her! But the music called to her and she couldn't resist. Watch as she gets closer and closer to the stage....and finally succumbs to being a full-on band groupie, lol!! (Added note: that crazy dancing she's doing is from My Little Pony and it's called the Pony Stomp. She's NOT epileptic, lol!)

By the time we left, this kid was soooo tired out and slept really well that night!


Rita said...

The pumpkin turned out really cute! Well, I guess I should say spooky--LOL! I don't blame Bella for not wanting to take that slimy stuff out with her hand. I used a big spoon to get most all of it out when I used to carve pumpkins. ;)

Dance-dance-dance! I bet she was tired. Looks like she had a lot of fun though. :)

Toriz said...

Loved the videos, so thanks for sharing them! :)

I'm nothing like Bella, my hands were right in there; I was covered in pumpkin insides by the time I was done, and then I seporated the seeds from the rest of it to bake with it. You should have seen the mess of me and the kitchen! LOL!

Sounds like she had a great time though!

Deanna said...

That is one awesome pumpkin! I'm pretty sure I could never have pulled it off.

You're probably right that her princess loving days are soon to come to an end. I'm glad you got one more year out of it. What an elaborate Halloween Party! I think I would have been going down that slide with her. It looked like so much fun. Does her mommy do the crazy stomp too? She is so high energy!

Mommyblogger said...

You all did a great job on carving your pumpkin. I swear pumpkin carving really is hard work! I love Bella dancing, too sweet! Her costume was adorable and those bounce houses & slides look like so much fun. I even love those things :)
Looks like you & your had a good Halloween!!!

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

I love that Bella is having a blast dancing! I'm a horrible dancer but I love doing it! I dance all the time. My friends are always laughing at me but I don't care.

I hope she keeps her Dancing Queen status her whole life!

Heatherlyn said...

She did a great job on her pumpkin!
I love that she moved closer and closer to the stage. How cute is that? Very very! I love how the internet and video/picture technology makes it possible to stay connected even when people are far away from each other. Amazing. :)

Intense Guy said...

Bella is such a delight when she smiles! :)

AliceKay said...

Looks like Bella had a great Halloween this year. Loved the videos. She really got into that dancing at the end, didn't she? Cute. LOL