Friday, October 14, 2011

Freeze?? Well...not quite frozen...

Ugh. Spending freezes. So not a fan of 'em. Because they limit your spending. And there's all kinds of cool stuff to spend your husband's money on! But Paris awaits us....and we decided to NOT spend least until we're in Paris, lol! I know, it sounds crazy to me too.

So I spend a little. At a time! *smile*

It's not my fault, really. I keep getting emails that I sign up for showing me the latest and greatest of everything crafty! And the latest? The newest, cutest, most darling Magnolia stamps...with my favorite Tildas of all....

Welcome to a Sweet Christmas

Glittering Tilda

Holly Tilda

Ice Tilda

Jingle Tilda

Midwinter Tilda

Something for you Tilda

Tilda with Heleborros

Tilda with Snow Heart

Tucked Tilda

Winter Tilda

I mean, really! Could you resist??
Me neither!!

And it's not like I got the whole collection...right???

But I did get these!! (yay!)

Only 32 more days to go...

I think I'll have my stamps AND Paris, thank you!!



I love the little Magnolias. You know my group is called Still Magnolias. Too cute. I wanted to print them all off, grab some crayons and color my heart out.

Rita said...

I think I am extra glad I have not been drawn into all these cute little kid stamps and they are just not my thing. There are soooo many of them and I would have a hard time picking, too. These are like the most popular thing these days, I think. Well, enjoy, lady! Both all the sweet stamps and your trip!! :):)

Intense Guy said...

Tilda is kinda cute....


AliceKay said...

Cute stamps. :)