Thursday, July 14, 2011

This And That

Up until Sunday night, my backyard looked like this:
Now it looks like this:
Well it did until I took it all down, and broke it up into moveable pieces. So sad!! Alex helped set it up when we first moved here and it was A LOT of work! It was so heavy and sturdy I didn't think it would happen to us! But we got a heck of a storm Sunday night, HIGH winds, rain, hail - the works. And it came at us from a slightly different angle than is usual, so our side wall and house didn't protect it. And it's so hot, hot, hot outside that you really can't be out there without shade, so I can't enjoy my backyard at the moment.
The storm took out my sunflower plant and roses too!
Nearly all the patio furniture tipped over. At least my glass table survived!

I procrastinated on putting out these gorgeous flowers on my front step. So glad now or I wouldn't have them! I just got them on Saturday!!

Bella has been so good lately! Playing on Monday.

Just playin' away with her toys!

Documenting her "goodness", lol!

Who is this at my back door in the middle of the day???

It's Thomas with my Stampin Up order!!! YAY!!

I had been waiting (impatiently!) since the 1st for these goodies from the new catalog!!! More info and pics later in this post...

Did you see the white package on top of the SU box?? This is the yummy blog candy I won from Pinky's World! You can't tell from the photo, but the ribbons are to-die-for!!! I swear that some of the best card making stuff comes from the U.K.!! Thank you again Pinky!!!

Bella played in her tent with Cassy's kids on Tuesday. Tents are always a big hit with kids! Cassy & I tried to stay cool in scraps of shade, but boy! do I miss our gazebo!!!!

I see you!

Cat's daughter Natalie is in the States right now, and she sent these adorable Hello Kitty clips back for Bella. Aren't they awesome?? She was kind of ticked that I made her take them out for bathtime, lol! They're a big hit with her!!

My little Rock Princess!

Here is Bella on Wednesday! Apparently this was Polly Pocket day and she was playing with them while watching a video at the same time. She has a PP video, but instead was watching Strawberry Shortcake. Oh well! She has such an imagination!

Again with the camera, Mom??

Pretty braid, pretty dress, pretty girl!

I have been meaning to take a photo of this for two months!! The incredibly talented and generous Christina, formerly of Fort Hood but more recently of Fort Lewis, made me this Memorial Day card and this fabulous bracelet and earring set! She had made another one and showed it off on her blog. To which I responded, Where's mine??? Well, here's mine! *grin* Thank you Christina!!!

And Rachel sent me this card! She was my neighbor at Fort Gordon and has since moved herself back home to Utah while her husband is in Korea for a year. Isn't it the cutest??? I so miss having her be right across the street! Lots of good stamping and salsa memories, lol!! (NO ONE but NO ONE appreciates my homemade salsa as much as Rachel!! Love ya!)

Seeing how I had received quite a few orders in, most I sadly don't have pics of, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to get any crafting done until I could see some flat surfaces again! I may make a mess while I create, but I can't start out that way!!! And in clearing off my desk, I found this love note from Bella! I don't know when she put it there, and she never said anything. Isn't that so sweet?? She has got the bestest heart and soul! I love you Bellaboo!!!!! I have it taped up on my desk so I see it everyday now!

My Stampin Up order!! Of course I opened it right up on Monday when it came in....but I didn't take a picture or put it away until yesterday. I got 11 stamp sets (most with free Hostess credit $), designer paper, the new mini clothespins, In Color brads, and RIBBON!!!!! I'm a ribbon whore. There. I said it!! LOL! Thomas said I should be "good" for a while. Bwahahahaha!!!!

This is what put away, organized ribbon looks like!

My favorite is the new polka-dotted scalloped ribbon!!! It's soooo pretty!!! You'll be seeing this a lot in upcoming projects, as my room is all cleaned up again!!! And I better hurry because I have MORE stuff coming in next week, lol! And then I really am going to be "done" for a bit. I have so much stuff to use already and I'm running out of room. I know the new SU Holiday Mini will be coming out momentarily and I don't even want to look! Maybe I won't like anything in it.....yeah, right!!!


Toriz said...

I love that video clip! You've got a really sweet kiddo there! :)

LOL @ your comments about needing no mess when you start crafting, but making one while doing so! I think most people are the same. I know I am. I like stuff neat and organized, but I make quite a mess while working on things. Always clean it up afterwards tough. LOL!

Intense Guy said...

What a load of goodies you got (including Bella!)!!

I hope things cool down enough to let you enjoy the back yard... looks like Bella was a bit warm out there too!

Shame your beautiful canopy was destroyed... it was really the centerpiece of your backyard.


Toriz said...

"always clean it up afterwards though" even. LOL!
Oh, and I also meant to add... Have fun with your goodies!

Mighty M said...

Loving the pics of Bella playing! Yay for getting your Stamping Up order but BOO for your backyard oasis being destroyed!!

family of 4 on the move! said...

OMG I adore the hello kitty clips!! DD2 would go crazy for those things! She is slightly hello kitty obsessed at the moment. So sorry about your gazebo that sucks! We have had the really strange weather here as well. One day we are in sundresses it's so hot and the next day it's rainy or windy and we can't go outside without a jacket on. Insane!!!

Faye said...

Jeannie, this is an amazing post. I don't know where to start. I guess I'll do it in the same order as you. First, the roses look like they can go back into the pot and continue growing. I don't know about the sunflower. What a strange storm that took out the furniture and gazebo and left a glass table!!! So glad the table didn't get broken and I hope you will have a new gazebo soon. Your daughter is beautiful. And it appears by her note to her mommy that she is beautiful inside as well as outside. I loved seeing her pix and the note she wrote. Your SU order is colossal! I think we'll be seeing lots of craft goodies on your blog now. And the cards from your friends, how sweet that you keep up with each other. Finally, Thomas is a really special guy and must love you very much. In the photo he looks so happy for you to have these craft goodies. Have a blessed day!

AliceKay said...

So sorry to see your beautiful gazebo destroyed like that. Storms sure can do a lot of damage sometimes. I hope you find a sturdy one soon. Your poor sunflowers and roses. :(

Loved seeing the pictures and video of Bella. It's been awhile. :)

Lots and lots (and did i mention lots?) of SU stuff to have fun with and create great things with. (i know...improper

I hope it cools down over there for you soon. We have a beautiful summer day here in northeastern Pennsylvania today. Just perfect. :)

Arline said...

Gosh! Can't believe what that storm did to your back garden! Hope you manage to get it straight again soon. Your little girl is a little sweetie and I love the little note she left on your desk! Aww! Those goodies look fab....I love your organised ribbon...wish mine was like that! Must send you a picture of my messy tubs of I can't, I'm too ashamed! Lol! Can't wait to see what you create!x

blueviolet said...

YOu sure do pick out the cutest things to order! Thomas looks so extraordinarily pleased to be bringing you that box too.

Bella has nearly as delightful a collection of toys as you do stamping/scrapping stuff!

ChicagoLady said...

What a beautiful backyard. Such a shame the storm broke your gazebo! Hope you can get it replaced soon, so you're able to enjoy being outside again.

Wow, Bella is getting so big!

Looks like you have enough SU stuff to keep you busy for a long time! LOL

KatCollects said...

Oh no, I am so sorry that happened to you. I do feel your pain. The town we live in has high winds often because we live in the Cascade foothills. We have gazebos like that over our bunnies because they can't be in direct sun, we are now on our 3rd one because of wind damage. Love the sweet photos of Bella, and love your ribbon displayed! Thank you for the sweet email. YOU are the best. Hugs,

LadyStyx said...

Wow.. it's a miracle that the glass table top survived the storm. Our backyard gets really hot in the summer too. There's absolutely no shade for several hours back there and no real space for a gazebo. I'd like to get one of those sunscreen awnings that attaches to the house. You may not remember the commercials for it... supposedly drops the temps "20 degrees" in the shade. I'd be happy if it just cut the sun so I didn't get s

pinky said...

Oh wow what a mess Jeannie, and what a shame:( Your daughter is a little cutie and such a good little cutie at that:) Glad you got my parcel and loved what I sent;) I absolutely adore your new stash from stampin up, you have been spoiled!! Your ribbon organising is something else, I now have 3 drawers stuffed to the gills lol and one big mess:(

Deanna said...

Holy Moly you sure packed a whollop in one post! You must be feeling better.

Bella is getting so big and so cute. What a darling.

I cannot imagine trying to sit outside in that heat without shade. Hopefully you will be able to replace the gazebo soon.

Love all the stampin' stuff. Your bookmarks really are great. Can you point me to directions for those tea bags? I need to make somethng to donate to our Fall Festival at church. If you don't mind me stealing your idea, these might be the ticket!


Rita said...

Sorry your gazebo was destroyed like that. :( Sweetest note from Bella! Nice gifts from friends. Love to see a good haul and how people arrange their craft supplies. :)

Lynn said...

Oh wow love all those goodies, your luckyyyyyy LOL Your right Bella is a pretty girl and so glad she is doing so good :o) I used to get notes like that from my daughter and definitely pulls at the heartstrings I still have one posted on my fridge :o)