Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some Sunday Stuff

aka I haven't really blogged in over a week and I need to catch up on stuff, lol! And it's Sunday. Okiedokie??

The Jersey Italy...MAMA MIA!!!
Oh yeah, you blend in!

The Jersey WShore gang has left the building...and the country of Italy. I actually wanted to head up there to see them, but with so much going on here, we never made it. Besides Snooki hitting a cop car...
Yes, she hit a cop!
How did she DO that???
And why were they even driving over here???
Really, Snooki? You needed a neck brace??? Did it keep you from talking? If so, then I'm all for it, lol! Did you get a ticket for wearing those awful glasses in public too??? You would have in Milan!!!! Other than the fender bender, I haven't heard about any of their usual hijinks. I do know that the Mayor of Florence (where they were staying and filming) forbade them to drink. Yeah, right. That's all they do!! OK, well, that's not all they do. They also have sex with random strangers, as well as go to the gym and the tanning salon (nothing says HOT like looking orange, yo!), and to drop off their laundry (aka "GTL" - gym, tan, laundry).

I haven't seen any spray tanning salons here, or gyms for that matter. Except on our post and they wouldn't be allowed there! The girls like "juiced up Guidos" (read here over-steroided boneheads!), so I'm sure they were in for a rude awakening with real Italian men, who tend to be very skinny, wear VERY tight pants, and pastel colors!!! And none of them even speak Italian!!! I'm sure they made Europeans in general hate Americans even more. *sigh* But I'll watch anyway because I feel so smart and well-balanced watching these goof-balls, lol!!!!


I haven't had the energy to do much crafting lately. The pain just keeps getting worse and worse daily!!! And I'm now getting less and less sleep. But something that even I can do, while barely alive, is to do tea bag folding. I haven't done this since before Christmas!
Just some of what I've made recently.
Click to enlarge!

I found several great sites online that offer FREE tiles - my favorite is HERE. So all you have to do is print them, cut them out and fold! Easy Peasy!!! And the colorful designs they have are amazing. Depending on the type of tile you print, and the type of fold you use, one pattern tile can have many different looks!
Close-ups of some of my favorites!
I have tons and tons of brads too, so this is a good way to use up some of my overflowing stash. And a great reason to make some room is because...

...the new Stampin' Up catalog is out!! YAY!

It's a good thing too, because I was nearly out of everything - *snort!* And yes, I did place an order within seconds of being able to. And yes, I do have my second order already saved online for the 15th. I know the catalog is good for a year and everything, but I'm really not that big on waiting. For anything. Ever. Although, now that it's ordered, I will have to wait for it to show up over here. But I don't have to like it!!! This order consists mostly of the new delicious ribbons and paper, with just a few new stamp sets. The rest of those will have to wait til next time! We also have five new In Colors for this catalog...get ready Iggy!!...
(not a fan - blech!)
(Looks just like a color we already have.)
(Looks just like a color we already have.)
(Looks just like a color we already have...seeing a trend here??)
(Looks just like a color we had before they axed all our colors, lol!)

*** BIG NEWS! ***
You can join SU for only $99 - including shipping!

If you've thought about trying stamping and seeing what it's all about, this is a great time to do it! Nearly everything in the kit is customizable, so you can get the products/colors that appeal to YOU! A fun and easy way to "get your feet wet". Email me ( if you'd like more info!

And to sweeten the deal...anyone who takes advantage of this month-long ONLY offer, will also get this oh-so-cute Christmas keepsake box kit (valued at $40!) for FREE!!! AND....I will get one as well!!! These are not for sale and can only be earned!
Anyone wanna get inky with me??? *smile*


I haven't been doing challenges lately (because you have to actually craft something to enter them, lol!), but I have been keeping up with bloggy candy as much as I've been able to. I enter and enter, but alas, never win. Until this week! And then I WON TWO!!!
These delicious embellishments and FOUR Magnolia stamps are from Lori at My Comfort Cottage. And two of the Maggies are ones that I haven't been able to find anywhere and were on my wish list!!! Score!!!! Thank you so much Lori! They haven't arrived yet, but I'm patiently waiting. (OK, I'm impatiently waiting but that isn't your fault!)

And I won this HUGE HAUL from Pinky at Pinky's World! Paper, ribbon, stamps - oh my!! So many goodies and they are all for meeeeeeee!!!!! Plus it's from the UK, and they really do have the bestest stamping stuff! Thank you so much Pinky!!!


Well, it's been a longgggg painful road, but this is where I will be on Tuesday afternoon:
Well not here (thanks Google Images!), but at a dentist's office!

When I have the time and patience,....and can write without dropping "F Bombs"..., I will chronicle the cluster-f**k disaster this Dental Journey has been. Because seriously, you won't believe the hell that I have already gone through, and I'm not done yet! I will be seeing an Italian dentist and he does accept our dental insurance with no money upfront. So that's good. At this point I just don't even care. I mean I do, but I don't. Just fix my mouth, already!!! God knows the story, and at this point I'm just keeping faith that He will see me through this situation. I know it's not over yet, but I look forward to a time when I'm NOT in pain 24/7 and I can get some sleep again!!!


And a funny to leave you with:
After much searching, I was actually able to find the .PDF file to make this!!! Most links were no longer active and led to dead ends. So if you would like to make your own awesome Hoff Doll, email me and I'll send you the file! And yes, I WILL be making this little gem up very, very soon!!! Looks like a heck of a lot of cutting though...


Cheryl said...

I love your tea bag folding. Your flowers look gorgeous and make me want to give it a try.

Congrats on your candy wins!

Thank you for posting my blog candy in your side bar. Good luck in the draw!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Faye said...

Jeannie, first I apologize for not getting by to see you sooner. Second, I am so sorry you are having dental pain. (Is it only wisdom teeth or could you have TMJ, which it sounds like?) I'm glad you are going to be able to be seen soon. It sounds like you've been really suffering for a long time. Not a happy event in your own country, but probably even a bigger deal in a foreign country. Thirdly, I love the tea folding art. My sister does teabag folding. I'll have to guide her over here to your site to see the beautiful work you've done. Good luck on the dental work. I'll say a prayer for you.

JoeTacoma said...

I lold @ the Posable Paper David Hasselhoff. HAHAHA

ChicagoLady said...

Wow, looks like you will have enough new stampin' goodies to last you about a week, lol.

I will say a prayer for you on Tuesday that the dentist is able to relieve your pain. I can only imagine how terrible it's been for you to wait for an opening.

Deanna said...

Congrats on your candy wins!

The StampIn Up stuff looks great. One of these days, I swear I will get back into scrapbooking... then watchc out!

And I am SO DAMN GLAD your journey into hell is seeing the beginning to the end. It is all unbelievable to me the amount of time you have been in pain. Here's to No PAIN!

AliceKay said...

I'm not a "Jersey Shore" watcher, but I heard on the entertainment news shows about Snookie and her entourage invading Italy.

I never heard of tea bag folding before. Pretty little things, tho.

Congrats on your candy wins from me, too.

I hope the visit to the dentist Tuesday alleviates your tooth pain. I feel for you and what you've had to endure the last few weeks. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Sorry you're still in so much pain, but glad you're finally getting an appointment. Hope they can get you sorted out and pain free really soon! *Hugs*

Congrats on all your goodies! I hope - when they arrive - that you enjoy crafting with them (and also with the stuff you got from the catalogue). I expect when the dentist has your mouth all pain free you'll be crafting up a storm again. ;)

slommler said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. I just couldn't imagine going through all that pain!!??!!
Congrats on your winnings...that is super!!
And the Hoff paper doll cracks me up...I will let you work with it. Think I will pass!

Wanda Cullen said...

Jeannie, I'm so sorry you're suffering with so much pain, but have to tell you that your sense of humor is so fabulous and I am just cracking up reading about the Jersey Shore gang in Italy!! If laughter is good ought to be healed! :-) Love your tea bag folding...something I've never attempted. Folding and cutting and I don't mesh very well.

Intense Guy said...

Hooo hAaaa! Calypso Coral is... gosh what it that color... pukish orange?

And then you get Island Indigestion...

Lucky(?) Limeade? Looks like a Tums flavor to me...

Pool Party is light blue-green... who'd of thunk it -

Wisteria Wonder ... looks like regurgitated grape.

The best thing that ever happened to New Jersey is the cast of that slimy show going to Italy!! I hope they don't come back...

*Hugs* Tooth still hurty? :(