Friday, July 8, 2011

Seriously, EH??????

And here I was, stumped for a blog post for today. I should have known I can ALWAYS count on my bloggy friends to come through for me!! *Group Hug!*

Remember Barb? No? Scroll down one entry and read the end of my Open Letter post. So yes, our dear friend Barb. Apparently subtlety and respect are concepts that don't resonate well with her. So she posted another comment, and then sent me the following email. Please note: I have simply copied and pasted the email in it's entirety and in it's original form. Just sayin.


Queenie Jeannie, oh that name says it all don't it!!!!!! Maybe pop down from your castle to earth & see how the real world lives eh.
Well I'm very sorry I upset you with my comment on your blog but I did think the 'COMMENT' part of it was for those of us wishing to make a comment which I did. It might be helpful for you to APPROVE comments on your blog before they are posted. Maybe make mention that comments are only allowed if they agree with your point of view. Not to worry I won't be back on your blog, wasn't there very often anyway, doubting I'll miss it.
Was it my atheist comment that got your panties in a dither, seems to have that effect especially on good christians.
Ok you want to pull in the military too I can match & beat your "status" on that one too since you brought it up. I did post a very supportive comment on your blog when you were going off about some poor military fellow having to pay I forget what airlines (Delta?) for extra baggage. Then I proceeded to the airlines that was mentioned to make a further comment in support of your blog post but apparently you had all your facts wrong, this was proven by the numerous comments by ACTIVE military people. Yes he did pay the extra for extra baggage but the paper work states that he & all others military personnell will be reimbursed this fees. Since you are bragging about your military involvement & status just maybe you should get your facts right before posting so I & others like me don't waste our precious time posting for a cause that does not exsist except in your mind.
I am a proud Canadian where our banks didn't fail us, jobs are plentiful, people aren't loosing their homes & our dollar is bigger than yours. See, we are BIGGER, BETTER & WE ARE ON TOP!!! So are you making a feeble attempt at telling me you are better than I am for the mere, simple fact that you are american?
I have more American family than Canadian, so what exactly is your point OR do you even have one? We really are all just individual human beings.
Maybe you need to go back & read your bible ok, oh, maybe it's different being the AMERICAN version...............LMFAO Just to keep you informed their are atheists in your military fighting for your freedoms, I hope you use them wisely.
Had you really wanted to make a difference you may have chosen to do a Memorial for Kaylee, you see there is already enough hate in the world, this is why your military is so busy fighting, maybe you could help by spreading love & understanding, oh you won't get that from reading the bible, just more hatred in there too.
Happy blogging to you moron, that's the impression I get from your picture.
Respectfully, Ms Barb


Well! Where on earth do I start? Do I go line by line and fix all the spelling and grammatical mistakes? Do I correct each incorrect and ignorant comment and wrong assumption? Do I write a blistering reply?


I just post it on my blog! Easy peasy, and most likely more effective. Thank you for the lovely visit Ms(no period) Barb!

It's after 5pm on a Friday evening...a truly lovely Italian afternoon, being enjoyed by an ACTIVE duty American Army family. Time to crack open my favorite bottle of red wine, have some fresh cheese, homemade bread, grapes, olives, Milano salami....and laugh my red curls off at your stupid ass!!! CHEERS!

Because I'm a good Christian, and that's how we roll.
(That's with a capital "C", fyi.)

Edited to add: I had no idea Ms(no period) Barb was Canadian. I wrote "AMERICAN" - all caps - in my very respectful reply to her, as a point that as an American, I had the rights and freedoms that we as a country have fought so hard for, and were entitled to. I said nothing in my comment that as an American I was better than anyone, or better than any other nationality. Those assertions and assumptions were pulled out of thin air. Eh?

For ALL people with a sense of humor!!


Sandy said...

I'm confused, was she "spreading the love" or manure?

Kristina P. said...

Wow, she's delightful!

Intense Guy said...

Well, maybe if we are all really lucky, Casey Anthony and her family will move/immigrate to Canada.

Cassy Lu said...

After just coming from Jeannie's house and reading this email on her computer, I must say, it was hilarious to read and talk about it with Jeannie. Tonight might prove to bring a lot of good memories, especially since we have something to entertain ourselves with, how do you say!

Jeannie, you are GREAT, I love your blog (good posts or bad), I wouldn't have you any other way!!!!

Toriz said...

What a delightful e-mail... LOL!

You just keep right on posting what you want to post, and if certain people don't like that, well that's their problem!

Mary said...

Wow. Does she have a chip on her shoulder, or WHAT? Maybe some "USA Envy"?

Nikki Bond said...

Wow...I'm just catching up for the week and I was blown away by what has been going on. You post what you want to post...and I'll always come back to read it! I happen to love your insights! Keep your chin up!


SueAnn said...

Well wasn't she all sorts of delightful!! Canadian, eh? Atheist, eh? Writing, challenged eh?

AliceKay said...


Shell~AK Stamper said...

I just had to laugh after reading what Ms Barb wrote on your blog and I do believe this is the case of another lonely person that needs to get a life......instead of sending slander across the land of blogs!

I do hail from the good ole USA and I have the Freedom of speech and my own opinions as well as the next person.

So if they are not happy with what you write about, they can go to the next blog for entertainment!!

I'm proud of you Jeannie of how you handled this hateful and abusive person!!


Mimi said...

What a lovely person she must be *shudder*


Christina said...

Geez! Why do people get so riled up? email reply coming