Monday, July 25, 2011

In crafting news...

A neighbor was getting packed up to leave, and the movers wouldn't pack her "twig" wreaths! So...she gave them to ME! Thanks Tracy! These are going to be so fun to decorate and I *might* have enough ribbon to do it with, lol!!!
I have four small ones and one large one!
Can you say....Christmas presents???

This is my most recent order from the new SU catalog:
One Scrapping Kit (DSP, cardstock and adhesive die cuts!), and four packs of DSP!

16 new sets and 2 new wheels!
I had to put them together (adding cling foam to the original wood sets) and add them to my stamp set notebook. This takes a longgggg time to do!

This box is from a seller on ebay. All kinds of crafting stuff/supplies for $5! This is where Minnie prefers to sleep. And she wasn't letting any stupid box of mine get in her way!

Trying to sleep, even though I insist on photos!

I'm very far behind on all kinds of cards - both requested ones and for challenges. Will I EVER be caught up??? Not sure!
I love this Magnolia stamp!!! I used some new Prima paper and SU scalloped ribbon.

Close up
I've just enrolled in an online class to learn how to color better with Copics!

Inside of card


I purchased a too-cute tutorial from Becky at Inking Idaho, and I finally made the time to make it up. Ta daaaa.......
Isn't this the cutest thing???
The directions include three different purses and this is the first one.

Side view
This is using cardstock and DSP from my new Scrapping Kit!

This flower is made from the SU Daisy #2 Big Shot die. Love it!

So I have a couple things crossed off my Stamping To Do List...


Regina said...

(wiping off keyboard from all the DROOL)

WOW...some amazing goodies there and I know each one will become something awesome!!! Those card stock purses are just to cute and I adore the flower. Ummmm, I think you do perfect coloring but I know classes are always fun to take. Enjoy!!

Hope you show some photos of the wreaths when you get them done and I hope you do more than just Christmas ones with them. So many ways to decorate them but I know you will decorate them beautifully.

Have an awesome Monday...HUGS

Rita said...

Great goodies! Nice card, purse, and flower. Pretty button on the center of the flower. You've been busy! :)

Kristina P. said...

That purse is SO adorable!

Deanna said...

Those twig wreaths are fun to decorate with. Silly that the packers wouldn't pack them. Oh well!

All of those supplies - wow! I haven't started my paper folding yet - am trying to finish some sewing projects. But I'm looking forward to making those bookmarks.

Have a great week and hope you get a lot of crafting done.

Intense Guy said...

Awesome card!!

"Live in the sunshine"...

...I hope that is what YOU are doing today!!


400 Wakeups said...

Of course Minnie wants to be in the spot where there is the least amount of room for her! It's a cat's perogative! And that's a precious paper purse. Who KNEW?? It reminds me of the section in Real Simple where they feature paper crafts. You would never know the entire scene was made of paper if they hadn't said so!

Toriz said...

Enjoy your class! :)

I don't know if you'll ever catch up, but I do know one thing... You're going to enjoy trying to get caught up! ;)

Lynn said...

Wow love the goodies girl and you sure did luck up on the wreaths, FREE is always good hahahaha. Cant wait to see what you do with them. Love the card you made and OMG that purse is just too dang cute LOL HUGS to you!!

Andrea said...

Nice stash!! Have fun playing with all those new toys. I'm loving that daisy. Cute purse too.

AliceKay said...

Minnie is like most cats. They have a "favorite" place where they like to sleep and won't let much get in the way. LOL

Lots of goodies to work with. Your card is really cute, and so is the purse. Never thought something like that could be made, but you did a great job. Cute flower, too. :)

Heatherlyn said...

What FUN!!!! The purse is super cute!!!!

ChicagoLady said...

Lucky you to be busy busy busy. When do you get time to rest? LOL

WhisperingWriter said...


I love that purse.

Nikki Bond said...

It looks like Santa came in July! :) Enjoy our new goodies...and LOVe the creations! Gorgeous! {SMILES}

Renegades said...

Love that flower you made!

Faye said...

Jeannie, you have really got a bunch of great supplies from SU and from eBay. I have looked before and I never see anything like a box of goodies for $5. Your Tilda card is so beautiful. I think the online Copics course would be fun. You already are a great colorer. I can't imagine how you can get better. Have fun. And BTW, I think time is like a spiral. The closer to the end the faster it goes. Wait till you get in your 70s. It seems like it's time to get supper read right after breakfast. LOL!

Christina said...

Beautiful goodies! I think my favorite is the flower.