Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yeah, so the world didn't end, so I gotta catch up...

Harold Camping
aka the Whack-A-Doodle

Apparently, he didn't make a mistake! That's right! NOT a mistake!! All that stuff about the world-wide earthquake that never materialized aside, he did not make a mistake. It's just the timing. So......if you hadn't been saved by May 21st, according to the Whack-A-Doodle, then it's already too late. So sad, too bad. In the meantime, we're all just gonna chill-out together until October 21st, and then the fireworks will start. Or not. Whatever. (I wonder how much it's going to cost to change the dates on all those billboards and vehicles???)

This is a satellite shot of our housing area. If you click on it, you'll see the red arrow that shows our house. I was going to do a before/after shot, but the *after* never happened. Still waiting on that one.

Aren't you glad the world didn't end? Now you can laugh at this!!


A couple of weeks ago, Bella's school had a carnival. I got sick and couldn't go, so Thomas took her. She played all kinds of arcade games and won some cool prizes. Now Bella NEVER, EVER lets me put makeup on her for Halloween, etc and NEVER, EVER wants to do the whole face painting thing....but the one time I'm not there, she concedes! Not fair!! But doesn't she look cute??? And Thomas? I think it's Zorro, the Gay Blade, lmao!!!
Gotta love it, lol!


Bella went with Thomas to work for a day last month on the Take Your Kid to Work Day! And she made the FRONT PAGE of the post newspaper!! Pretty cool, huh???
OK, you can start now...The Bella has arrived!


I did a swap on Swap Bot, to make a "star spangled" card! How cool was it that I actually had a stamp that said star spangled on it???


I went shopping with Cat a bit ago, before the world was supposed to end, and picked up some new Italian bling...
Everything is peacock colored and detailed right now!
That's hot!!!


Last weekend, we were at the PX and they actually got some new merchandise in!!! I couldn't believe it and I think I may have peed in my pants a little, lol!
This glitter is soooo cool! Perfect for winged things, lol!
Aren't these cool? And they stack!!!
I got them in red, teal and brown - (blogger seems to have eaten my pic!)
This makes a butterfly border!!!
Single butterfly punch
Hearts border and corner punches
Gemmies!! LOVE THESE!
These are butterfly stamps!!
Sooooo many cool possibilities!
These are pearl and gem frames!
Glittered butterflies!!! (A theme perhaps?)
Chunky glitter in stars & heart shapes. Perfect for shaker cards!
A kit for glitterific fun!!!
I've been wanting one of these for a long time, but they were too expensive! Now I have one! It has two circle and two rectangular stamps that you can change up to say whatever you want! I can do sentiments in ITALIAN!!!! Yay!
Yes, this is yet another paper stack. And yes, I realllllly did need it!

I understand this woman!! She's one of us!!!


Before bathtime, I took out Bella's braided pig-tail and wanted to show you how long her hair is getting!! Normally it's all curly, but having it in braids all day straightens it out....for a quick minute anyway!


I needed a birthday card for Cassy's 4 year old son yesterday. I almost bought a card. Yep, really. But the good ones were $4-5 and there was no way I was spending that on a card when I had a card makin' factory in my own house, lol!!! But what do you make for a 4 yr old boy????

Buzz Lightyear - of course!
Go ahead, tell me how amazing this is!!
I spritzed the background paper with shimmer mist to make it look "starry".
LOTS of dimension and texture on this one!
Close-up of Buzz

Now before you go erecting a monument to my greatness, please know that I didn't come up with this masterpiece of punch art greatness! That honor goes to Ellen Kemper - Punch Art Goddess! She's another SU Demo who has deleted her gallery due to the current stoopidness goin' on over at SU. But I have her blog bookmarked and you should too!! I did however design the rest of the card, so you can go ahead with that monument now. *wink*

And I think that pretty much wraps things up around here. I had a lot of things I was going to share....but Blogger issues, allergies and even some troll sightings get in the way of some blogging magic. Oh well, we still have until October, right? Good deal.

Ciao Bella!


Lynn said...

Well I am all out of cement so the monument is out of the question, hehehe. Wow you got a cool stash of goodies too and I so love shopping for them, as you know :o) That is cool that Bella made it on the front page of the paper I bet she was thrilled. Hubby and I made the front page upstate NY years ago when we went to the horse races and it was raining and they called us rain birds, cuz we was standing out in the rain and having fun too lol Love the buzz card that is just too cute!! I loved seeing the shot of your home now I know what the top of your house looks like LOL Have a good day!!!


Loved all the goodies you procurred and thought the Buzz Light Year card was adorable. Bella is growing so fast...and her hair is amazing. The view of your house was priceless...glad to know it is still there....and you too. Have a wonderful day and Ciao Bella back at you.

AliceKay said...

Yep, he's a Whack-A-Doodle alright. Nice shot of your housing area, tho. ;)

That Axe video was something else. LOL

It was so cool seeing Bella on the front page of the post newspaper. Those kinds of things always make a parent very proud. I bet Thomas was proud, too. Nice. :)

Wow, that's a lot of goodies. :)

Very nice Star Spangled card. The Buzz Lightyear card is really cute. Ryan likes Buzz, too.

Time for me to get busy. I've got laundry waiting and flower beds to work in while the sun is shining. (and a monument to design) *winks* LOL

I hope you're having a good weekend alllllllll the way over there in Italy. *hugs*

Shell~AK Stamper said...

Wow you really have been holding out on us!!

That's pretty kewl that Thomas was able to take Bella to work, and especially getting on the front page of the Newspaper.....did you tell her that she a star now?? LOL
I just hope you don't get upset and try cutting Bella's hair it's so pretty long!....(it's gonna be just like mine soon)

Love all the goodies that you were able to pick up....and that Buzz Card is sooooo cute, nice job using all the punches to make it!


April said...

I thought your blog went private? I tried to pay you a visit recently and a window popped up that said I hadn't been invited to view your blog and I was so bummed! Y'all sure look like you're living the good life over there! Bella's hair is so pretty...I want hair like that! Too sweet that she was able to go to work with your hubby! She'll remember that for a lifetime!

ChicagoLady said...

Props to you and Ellen Kemper for the Buzz card. Very cute! How cool that Bella made the front page of the paper.

Mimi said...

Bella & Thomas look adorable & that card is awesome!


Garden of Egan said...

Glad the world didn't end for you either.

Love your cards! You are such a master.

So awesome that Bella made the front page. She loosk so cute with her daddy.

I love his mustache. He looks like he was having a great time.

Bella's hair is beautiful.

And can I just say.......your Italian bling........salivating.

Heatherlyn said...

Your cards look fantastic. I love all the stars on the patriotic one and how much texture there is to the card.

The peacock earrings are really great.

Love the facepaint--especially on Thomas!

I think it is way cool that Bella made the paper!

I am not expecting the world to end soon. Although the end of the cycle of the Mayan calendar (and beginning of a new cycle) indicates that the Mayans believed that the weather patterns would change. We've seen a lot of natural dissasters recently and those ancient cultures were surprisingly more in tune with nature so I bet we do see more natural dissasters and that's a bummer. :( Too bad they don't all REALLY come with a date. That would be soooo convenient.

Toriz said...

Well, I doubt I'd get saved... They wouldn't want me kept around, I think! So, I guess I'm stuck here to watch the world end. If storms and such start happening here, I'll try and get photos.. Then - if anyone is still alive afterwards to sort them for me - i'll post them for anyone who's still around to see them. LOL! ;)

Seriously though...

That's cool about Bella making it on to the front page of the newspaper! I bet you were brimming with pride when you found out!

Sounds like you've been having a great time with your card making supplies... I used to love making cards and things!

Intense Guy said...

I want to meet Denese Saintclair.

Nice Buzz Lightyear!!! And yes, the Bella has arrived!!!


Chanda Stehlik said...

Love the Buzz Lightyear card! So cool! Thanks for your kind comment on my Love and Care card. This stamp set is in the Summer Mini. It's a Level II Hostess set. Have a great day! :)