Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspiring Quotes Wednesday

And our family has increased by three...
Minnie had her babies last night!!!

Around 7:30pm Minnie started getting restless and circling inside her nesting box. I told Thomas that I thought she'd have her babies tonight, but he wasn't sure. Then she started grooming her genital region and I knew!! Sure enough, around 8:15pm or so, her first baby came out. I could see her pushing and although she did cry out softly a couple of times, she was purring the whole time!! I sat down on the floor next to her and she wanted me to pet her. She took really good care of them, and as one was out and all cleaned up, then next one came out! She only had the three, but they seem rather large for newborn kittens. I'm not sure - it's been a long while since we've been around kittens. This morning I changed the towels in her box when she got up to feed. Momma and babies are now resting comfortably!

When Bella woke up this morning, I told her that Minnie had three babies and ohmygosh! was she ever excited!!!
One happy Bella!!!
She reallllllly wanted to hold a baby, but alas, she will just have to wait!
Thomas did this on our dry erase board on the fridge!

I hope you have been inspired!!!


Tracey Malnofski said...

Oh how sweet!!!!
I love that they live in a stamping box!!!
Congratulations on your new little ones!!!!!

Toriz said...

Wasn't sure if there was any point me watching the video since I can't see, but decided I'd hit play anyway. I'm glad I did! OMG! I love what you told Bella! Especially the bit about when she's allowed to have babies! LOL!

Anyway, congrats on the new additions to the family!

I miss having cats!

Intense Guy said...

*giggles at "Thing 1", "Thing 2" and "Thing 3"* I take it Thomas isn't too impressed.

So what are you and Bella going to name them?? :)

Heatherlyn said...

I love kittens! I remember our cats having kittens when I was a kid and it was magical. :)

Deanna said...

Thomas missed his calling - he should have become an artist ;)

Bella definitely looks pleased at the growth in your family! Are you going to keep them?

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

the kittens are so cute, I miss having our own cats.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh that is so exciting!! I remember when my cat had kitties when I was little, it was like the best day ever!

Love the pic thomas drew, ha!

Sara said...

Oh... They are so sweet! I love little baby animals! You are going to be so busy! (but in a good way!) Your daughter is adorable! Have a wonderful day! Happy Creating! Sara

Miranda said...

hi Jeannie, your new babies are totally cute they are sooooooooooo adorable Mom cat looked really pleased
and your daughter is such a sweetie too


AliceKay said...

Minnie looks like a good little mama. Three is a good number for kittens. The stray cat I adopted (Kitty Kitty) had three kittens. A few days after she had the kittens, she got herself caught on a nail in the barn where she had them and ripped herself open. I took her to the vet and they had to operate to remove the teat that had been ripped open. (poor Kitty) They also spayed her at the same time. I had to pick her up that same night so she could come back home to take care of her babies, which she did very well. Tiger was one of her kittens.

Bella looked very happy to have those kittens to watch, but I could tell she was dying to hold one. LOL

(30 and married, huh?) LOL

Susan said...

So adorable! Congratulations on your new furry family members! :)

JoeTacoma said...

"'Cut!' means the video's done." LOL.