Monday, April 11, 2011

Venice Baby!!! Part 1

We drove to Venice (about 40 minute drive) and parked in a parking garage. Right next to it are the water taxis. We paid 16 euro for a 12 hour pass (one for each of us, Bella was free), so we could get on and off as many times as we wanted. This is the driver of our first one.
I've never been on a cruise ship (yet!), so I was amazed about how HUGE these are!! Realllly, really huge!
A police boat!
We also saw an ambulance and that was really cool!
I wish this picture would have turned out better. The statues were gorgeous!
Bridges everywhere!
Gondola rides average 80-90 euro for 30 minutes.
We'll be back to visit many of these museums!
LOVE the Gondoliers!
Many pallazzos had their own private garden patios. It's still a bit early in the season but plants are already blooming and look beautiful!
Sublime frescoes!
No clue about these chimney shapes!
It was a gorgeous, sunny day, but a bit hazy too as you can see! Very romantic looking!

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Kristina P. said...

It looks so magical, Jeannie!

April said...

You lucky, lucky girl! WOW...what a trip! My MIL and BIL just returned a few months ago from a 2-week transatlantic cruise to Europe and Venice was one place they visited. Sure wish they'd taken me! Can't wait to read more about your trip!

blueviolet said...

How completely fabulous! You are living everyone's dream!

AK Stamper said...

How Cool, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pictures of Venice.....I know you had a wonderful time too!


scrappysue said...

*sigh* - i need to go back there, but NZ$200 for a 30 minute ride? they certainly targetting the tourists!!!

Mimi said...

Wow, how amazing! I can't imagine how thrilling & stunning it must be!


Melissa B. said...

Venice is such a charming city, isn't it? Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps!

AliceKay said...

Such amazing architecture in this city. You have some fantastic shots in this first part. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with someone like me who will never see anything as magnificent as this.

slommler said...

Wow! So beautiful! Everything about it oozes romance!! What a great trip!

Intense Guy said...

Wow! look at all the traffic on the waterways!

Looks a little steamy - did you fog up the windows? :)

Grand Pooba said...

Ha! Just read Intense Guy's comment, still laughing...