Saturday, April 9, 2011

President Obama & Congress Salute the Troops!

** NOTE: This post was started before we got word that the budget was going to be passed and that our pay was going to be fixed. I think it still warrants being published though. It's high time that the military stops being used and abused by the whims of politicians promoting their own agendas!

As usual!

I'm not watching the news. I simply cannot watch the news. I cannot bear to see these asshats shake each other's hands and slap each other on the back for a job "well done". I simply cannot hear about how they "fought the good fight" and "completed their mission". You know who fights the good fight and completes missions? OUR MILITARY!! You know, the people you have fucked over yet again??? Yeah, us.

Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) was left with no other option but to put forward our pay freeze at the end of their business day yesterday. HOURS before the "deadline" of midnight. And thank God they did too or we would have had no pay check at all. So while most of the country is thinking that this crisis has been averted, our military will not be paid on time. If anyone wants to call this merely an "inconvenience", I suggest they come on over here and say it to my face, if you dare. And as you are regaining consciousness, you can then explain to my six year old daughter why we aren't going to Venice today and taking a gondola ride.

To Congress:
Really??? You knew you were going to have to pass this budget. By law it should have been done before the start of the fiscal year. You know, before October 1, 2010. At that time you had a Democratic controlled House AND Senate AND President. But you couldn't be bothered with such frivolous things as doing the job you were elected, and sworn, to do. No. Instead you wasted all your time jamming down our collective throats the President's health care plan, which doesn't work and we can't afford. I actually heard a Democratic Representative say during an interview yesterday, that they just didn't "get to it". Didn't.Get.To.It.

Well, great. Now you finally "got to it". But guess what? The next budget is due in five short months. Do you think you can GET TO IT before October 1st this time??? And don't get too comfy in those seats, because you hopefully won't be sitting in them for too much longer.

To the President:
If there is anyone left who can actually explain WHY you still deserve to be our Commander-in-Chief, I'd really like to hear their explanation. Do you even have anyone left who proudly displays that stupid bumper sticker? Or is still chanting, "Yes we can!" Hope and change? I think not. You aren't qualified or equipped to lead a Daisy Scout troop, much less the finest military the world has ever known!!

You told the Congress you would not sign and would in fact veto any bill that was short of a full budget, including any measure to continue paying the military. You didn't want any measure that was just "kicking the can down the road". Thanks. For nothing. You suck and I will shout it til I'm blue in the face to see to it you don't get another four years to sell out our country and our military!!

To the US Government:
We love our country. We serve our country. We defend our country, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. At least we now know who our domestic enemies are! And we are "locked and loaded"...with our VOTE!


slommler said...

And a big AMEN to this post!! Enough said!

Christina said...

I know these people had everyone in a panic! I'm still mad!

Intense Guy said...

I'd still like to see his birth certificate...

The shame of it is - he is no worse, or better, than the last "President" that should have been swinging with Saddam Hussein on an adjacent rope.