Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter - Buona Pasqua!!

Well, the Easter Bunny managed to find The Bella here in Italy! He's pretty amazing that way, lol!!!
But first, these are the little gifts I made for the kids in Bella's class. They're daisies (Big Shot die) that I cut out and then added a treat cup filled with Easter m&m's and wrapped with ribbon. I think they turned out pretty cute and were a BIG HIT with the kids!!!
I stamped Happy Easter on the backs.
Mrs. Rogers gift was realllly fancy, but I forgot to take a pic. Rats!

Easter Morning:
One very pleased kiddo!
The Italian caterpillar is so crazy soft!

Bella's Easter Egg Hunt!
(I'm so sorry about all the sniffling!!! My allergies were killing me this morning!)
These are the eggs we colored yesterday. No stickers on 'em yet though. Yes, that's a black egg - it's from her Pirate Princess coloring set.
Italian chocolate lollies!
German children's chocolates!

Yesterday we got busy with our gardening!!!
The You-Do-It Center was giving away free flowers to spruce up your yard!! Gotta love some freebies!! Not that many people took advantage of it though, so when Thomas went back to return some tools, he got these extras! Just that much less I'll have to spend to decorate the back yard - yay! These will be going in a rectangular flowerbox and hung on our side gate in the backyard.
I finally trimmed these bushes and cleared out all the dead leaves and trash that had accumulated here since before we moved in! I wish I had a before pic because the difference in how it looks now is amazing!!! We also added rocks underneath.
More freebie flowers in new pots I picked up at the PX. I have daisies planted in the orange pot. I can't wait - they're my favorites!!!
The front
This job took FOR-EV-ER!!! I had to clear out the old, dirty bark and trash, and then I had to loosen and even out the soil (which is mostly clay and very hard to work with!). I transplanted all the flowers and filled in with potting soil. After all that, we layed down new rocks. It took 11 bags total!! I love how it looks now though!
Fiber optic hummingbirds
HUGE rosemary bush that was here when we got here. I did trim it up though.
Looks pretty good, huh??
We had this sign custom made. Expensive, but lovely.
All my herbs planted. Huge thank you to all of you who sent me herb seeds!!! As soon as they sprout, I'm going to put them in planters in the backyard. Just wait til you's going to be soooo cool!! Next week I'm going to a specialty store to pick up some more goodies for the backyard. We ran out of time (and energy!) yesterday. I'll tell ya what....I'm so sore from yesterday's "workout"!!

Have a happy & blessed Easter everyone!


slommler said...

Happy planting and Happy Easter. Your yard is looking fabulous!!

Nikki Bond said...

Happy happy Easter! Looks like your little one had lots of fun finding her eggs....and love your class room easter treats!..very cute...I'm sure they were a hit! Enjoy your easter!


1 Funky Woman said...

So glad the Easter Bunny found Bella, crazy how he can do that, Lol! Love the little gifts that you made for her class. How darling!

Wow she really made out with that basket. Love the caterpillar.

I sure wish we could start planting. We have had a very cold and rainy Spring so far!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Evonne said...

I'm glad the bunny found Bella. She looks so happy!

I can't wait to start planting flowers. I hope you have a happy Easter!

JoeTacoma said...

How fun!

"I love orange!" LOL.

I remember one year after my boys found all the eggs, they made me hide them again. Ha ha ha.

Happy Easter!

Kristina P. said...

The Easter Bunny was very good to her! Happy Easter!

Sylvia said...

Love all the things you have done in your yard, Jeannie! I have missed you, Jeannie! and I love your new music. You will have to come back to my blog and see my tomatoes that I picked last week. My big one got eaten on by an animal. My yard is looking better, too! Your treats for the class are too cute! Hope you had a fun Easter! Your daughter looks like she did!

Mary said...

Those Italian lollies are too pretty to eat! The treats for the class looked great; I'm sure they were a huge hit!
I love how Bella is so appreciative! That sure was a lot of eggs!!!

AliceKay said...

It looks like Bella had a great Easter. She sure got some nice things from the Easter Bunny.

Sorry to hear your allergies are bothering you so much. Hope you feel better soon.

Your landscaping and yard work looks great. You have a very nice place there. Nice sign, too. :)

Toriz said...

That's the thing with Easter Bunnies and Father Christmas... They can always find the kiddos! ;)

Happy Easter... Sounds like it was a great one! :)

Intense Guy said...

Hope you had a happy Easter!

Your flower bed makes your house look more like home.